Mysterious infantile hepatitis: the origin of the disease finally revealed?

Scientists are seriously considering a new hypothesis explaining unexplained cases of childhood hepatitis, in which Covid would be the trigger.

According to the World Health Organization, already nearly 700 children would have been contaminated by the mysterious childhood hepatitiswhich has been developing since the month of‘april.

While the sick children were all healthy, the sudden hepatitis would have caused almost a thirty liver transplantsand already 9 dead.

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But if until then theorigin of this disease remained unknown, scientists suggest a hypothesis which might just be the right one.

What is this assumption?

So far this is the track of theadenovirus which was privileged, without being able to be verified. But several scientists propose another hypothesis: a co-infection to covid et al’adenovirus.

The “sum of Covid plus adenovirus” will exacerbate “the strength of their disease mechanism Explain Antonio Rivero-Juarezresearcher in the field of infectious diseases.

The role of Covid-19

According to this hypothesis reported by El Mundo, the infection of the Covid could cause the formation of a viral reservoir in the digestive system children. the covid would be latent there.

But this reservoir could be reactivated by the infection of a other virusas’adenovirus for example.

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In this case, the viral reservoir where “slept” the covidwould again generate viral proteins. But this “reactivation” of the Covid would cause a immune response body, especially the liver.

It is this repeated immune activation that could then cause theinflammation of the liverwhich characterizes thehepatitis.

The limits of this hypothesis

This study therefore implies that all the sick children would have been contaminated by the covid at a certain time. But not all of them achieved a serological test to determine whether this is true or not.

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Moreover, no study certifies that this virus can be latent in the digestive tract. This solution therefore remains at the stage ofhypothesis.

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