Motorhome insurance: 3 simple tips to save before the summer holidays!

Finding cheap motorhome insurance for summer vacations can be tricky. However, it is essential and obligatory. How to combine interesting coverage and low prices?

Select the essential guarantees for your motorhome

Only the civil liability guarantee is compulsory for driving a motorhome. However, it only covers damage that you may cause to others. Which means that if your accessories are stolen, it doesn’t cover you. To be better covered, you can opt for additional guarantees (against theft or glass breakage in particular). There is also the accessory guarantee which covers all the contents of your motorhome, such as your personal belongings.

However, it should be borne in mind that the more coverage you choose for motorhome insurance, the higher the price of the subscription. So, adjust your guarantees according to your needs, without superfluous. For example, if your motorhome has no equipment, the accessory guarantee is useless.

Use a motorhome insurance comparator

Comparing the different coverage offers on the market is a real good plan. Avoid settling for the first insurance that comes along, because it may not be suitable for your motorhome, nor for the use you make of it. To find the one that suits you, do not hesitate to turn to a comparator in line. All you have to do is fill out a form that provides information on the criteria for the driver and the motorhome. You then receive the prices of the various insurers that you can easily compare.

Increase deductibles to lower costs

The deductible is the sum that remains your responsibility in the event of a claim. When you choose your insurance, you have the choice between several amounts. Note that if the deductible is high, the amount covered by the insurance decreases. Increasing it therefore allows you to take advantage of lower rates and save money before the summer holidays.

Compare prices to easily save on your bill, and find insurance that really suits your driving needs!

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