Mortgage loan insurance: more convenience for the borrower with the Lemoine law

Mikaël Blin is general agent in Saint-Lô. (©Hélène Perraudeau – Channel side.)

You can now change insurance at any time

With the Lemoine law, the day after signing the loan, you can change borrower insurance for a more covering and/or less expensive offer. “Previously, you had to wait for the anniversary date of the contract to terminate your insurance,” recalls Mikaël Blin. Only condition: “It is only possible to leave your insurer for equivalent coverage. » For the customer, it is an opportunity to play the competition and save money.

Reduction of the right to be forgotten

Thanks to the Lemoine law, the right to be forgotten from 10 to 5 years. “Concretely, former patients will no longer have the obligation to declare their disease 5 years after the end of the therapeutic protocol, and this for all people with cancer”, specifies Mikaël Blin. Another positive development according to him: “It happened that some people encountered difficulties in getting insurance because of their medical history. »

Removal of the health questionnaire in some cases

The famous (and dreaded) health questionnaire will no longer be required for certain loans. “Those not exceeding €200,000 and maturing before the borrower turns 60.”

Practice. More info, contact Mikaël Blin: 02 33 57 56 91.

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