Montpellier: Humanlinker raises €2.5 million to “make sales teams unbeatable!”

The start-up, incubated at the Montpellier BIC and the MBS school, develops advanced technologies to optimize the commercial performance of growing companies.

Does technology have the power to make business relationships more efficient and human? This is the objective of Humanlinker, created in September 2020 in Montpellier, which aims to “creating the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of tomorrow” referring to software used by sales teams to manage relationships with their customers and prospects.

“After several years of experience in sales, my co-founder and I realized that professional software was not completely adapted to the expectations of the sales teams of companies, exhibits Thibault Brioland, creator of the start-up with Régis Viarre. That’s why we created Humanlinker, which develops “software bricks”, bringing additional functions to the most common CRMs.”

Intended primarily for high-growth companies such as fast-developing start-ups, Humanlinker connects to their two major commercial relationship management software: Hubspot and Salesforce. Its technology uses the company’s data contained in the CRM, and open source elements, such as financial data, news of the structure and of its employees, customers and prospects.

“Thanks to this, structures that use our technology can align commercial policies between their teams, and target the right people among their prospects, to develop maximum efficiency, without forgetting the human element of business relationships.”

Displayed international ambitions

Using a huge volume of data, Humanlinker is a very technological company, and presents itself as “one of the only Montpellier start-ups labeled Deep Tech by BPI France”named after young companies creating very advanced technologies. To prove it, the structure, incubated at the Montpellier BIC and at the MBS school, has signed a partnership with CEA Tech, the “innovation accelerator” of the public research center, in order to develop the elements the most advanced of its software bricks. “We are currently making new contacts with other laboratories to advance our products” announces Thibault Brioland.

In order to develop on the European market, before deploying its international ambitions, Humanlinker announces a fundraising of €2.5 million – the second since its creation, after raising €700,000 a few weeks. Fifteen private investors (business angels) and two investment funds took part. “We are going to recruit a team of 20 people, in Montpellier, Paris, but also abroad, in order to find the best profiles.” The start-up plans to raise an additional €12 to 14 million by the end of 2023.

Humanlinker intends to develop its innovations in this way. In particular, it promises the release at the end of 2022 of a new product, developed with CEA Tech. Its objective will be to allow sales teams to obtain a recommendation from a manager from another company, using their contacts in common.

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