Monkey pox: what new symptoms of Monkeypox are often confused with other diseases?

Monkeypox does not necessarily present itself as written in the books. American scientists are sounding the alarm.

For the first time in history, the world is facing an epidemic of Monkeypox.

A sickness that scientists know well since the first case was recorded in 1970. The vaccine of the smallpox “classic” is moreover intended to be 85% effective against monkeypox.

Nevertheless, the scientific community is surprised by the simultaneous outbreak of the disease in the four corners of the world. With the bar of 1,000 cases which was exceeded on Monday.

“Such a geographic distribution suggests that widespread human-to-human transmission is currently taking place”said this Thursday Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, of theWorld Health Organization (WHO).

Stranger, on the whole, the cases are not linked to each other or linked to a common place or activity. Health officials therefore don’t know where people get it and many cases go undiagnosed, scientists conclude in two studies released last Thursday. Which point to shortcomings in terms of detection. If the disease is known, indeed, symptoms seem to be misinterpreted. In particular the Rashes who “do not necessarily look like what the medical textbooks show”according to Donald Vinh, of McGill University in Montreal.

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Monkeypox, herpes or syphilis?

These manuals represent blisters all over the body filled with pus. But “In fact, some patients have only one or two small lesions that can easily be confused with lesions caused by several sexually transmitted diseases, such asherpes and the syphilis. “I think it’s actually supercritical”said Vinh, “because you can see how these patients can be missed. But they are still contagious and can spread the disease”.

Moreover, the monkeypox is usually a disease that manifests in two phases. The first is similar to flu-like symptoms. The second to this famous rash all over the body.

However, many cases do not correspond to the description of the literature. In particular, these eruptions finally localized to certain regions of the body, in particular the genitals. With one or two lesions, no more. “Sometimes it’s not even a poxsays Vinh to our colleagues from National Public Radio, “but rather a ulcer or one crater. And it can be “very painful” According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the UNITED STATES).

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