Monkey pox: The European Union will soon order vaccines against Monkeypox virus

The European Commission explained that the final details would be settled in “the next few days”.

While there now exists 219 cases monkeypox in the world, 191i.e. more than 87%, are concentrated in Europe.

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This disease which appeared a few weeks ago remains for the moment relatively little seriousbut its fast forwarding worry.

This is why theEuropean Unionvery hard hit by the virus, has chosen to set up group purchases of vaccines and treatments against the monkeypox.

European vaccine order coming soon

The European Commission announced this Thursday, May 27, that the final details would be settled within the “next days”.

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As indicated by TF1, the spokesperson for the European Commission for health issues, Stefan De Keersmaecker said that theEuropean Union : “is working with Member States and manufacturers to procure vaccines and treatments for monkeypox”.

EU prepares joint purchases of monkeypox vaccines

The number of confirmed monkeypox cases worldwide reached 219 on Wednesday outside countries where the disease is endemic.

– Le Figaro (@Le_Figaro) May 27, 2022

Once the final details have been settled, the vaccines and treatment will therefore be orders.

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A vaccine strategy different from that against Covid

If Europe encouraged vaccinate a maximum during the pandemic against the covidthis is not the case for monkeypox.

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Stefan De Keersmaecke explained that vaccination will be limited to very specific casesbecause the transmissibility and the risk associated with the virus are not comparable to those of Covid-19″.

The population to be vaccinated should be restricted to contact caseor people the most fragile.

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