Monkey pox or monkeypox: a first confirmed case in France

Since May 6, UK health authorities face an outbreak of monkeypoxthe smallpox monkeys, mainly in men homosexuals or bisexual. Nine cases have been confirmed in the UK. On May 19, 2022, European Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) reports the presence of five confirmed cases in Portugal and 20 other suspects. Spain also has eight cases under investigation. the virus is also present in North America, and in France, a first confirmed case was detected in Île-de-France on May 20, 2022. A 29-year-old young man with no history of travel to Africa.

If the first case of monkeypox detected in England on May 7, 2022 is probably linked to a trip to West Africa, this is not the case for the following ones. ” These latest cases, along with others reported across Europe, confirm our initial concerns that monkeypox could spread within our communities. said Susan Hopkins, UKHSA’s chief medical adviser (UK Health Security Agency).

The question of a new way of transmission, sexual, arises because most of the contaminated individuals indicated having relations with men. But the scientific community is unanimous in saying that it is too early, and that the number of cases is insufficient to assert that monkeypox is a sexually transmitted infection. The virus is transmitted through close contact, sexual or otherwise, with an infected person or their clothing.

The first ones symptoms monkeypox include feverheadaches, pains muscles, swollen glands, fatigue and chills – non-specific symptoms common to many viral infections. Skin lesions may appear first on the face and then on other parts of the body, especially on the genitals. In the majority of cases, the infection is not fatal and resolves within a few weeks. Anyone with these symptoms is urged by health authorities to seek medical attention to limit the spread of the virus.


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