MNDPT-SEG, digital and technology to fight uncertainty

As part of the Malagasy administration’s project to modernize the telecommunications network, the Ministry of Digital Development, Digital Transformation, Posts and Telecommunications handed over security equipment to the State Secretariat responsible for the gendarmerie. These are digital and technological materials that consist of video conferencing devices, drones, surveillance cameras and secure e-LTE walkie-talkies that are useful for the gendarmerie for tagnamaron’ny faramremo.

These materials transmitted by the MNDPT will enable better coordination and efficiency of pacification and counter-insecurity actions, it was stated, thanks to the secure and dedicated network with instant access to information. A simulation demonstrating the equipment’s key functionalities took place during the handover. The elements of the National Gendarmerie benefited from an intensive training of two months around ten modules to maintain the management and use of these infrastructures and modern equipment. In addition, the MNDPT participated in the rehabilitation of the infrastructures that hosted the surveillance and network centers of the National Gendarmerie.

This transfer of technological and state-of-the-art equipment, which is part of the Malagasy administration’s Telecommunications Network Modernization Project, reflects the effectiveness of e-governance in order to improve security in the capital. This project, which puts security (velirano number 1) at the heart of the digital system, is also the implementation of velirano for the modernization of the administration and the fight against corruption, it was specified during the ceremony that took place in Camp General Ramarolahy on the 10th. January.

According to Minister Tahina Razafindramalo, 1,200 surveillance cameras have been installed as part of the project and are so far operational. Their implementation has brought concrete results in the fight against uncertainty, for his part indicated SEG, General Serge Gellé.


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