Metaverse: Here’s how the metaverse will change our lives! A dive into a possible future

The metaverse will be a place where all of our data can be used and experienced in entirely new ways: identity, personality, reputation, assets, history, etc. Sure, some see it as a privacy risk, but the added value for consumers might outweigh the risks.

This enables people and objects to create new experiences, interactions and environments.

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Some of these worlds, like Meta’s Horizon Worlds or Epic Games’ Fortnite, can be considered closed spaces. But if we build it right, most of the metaverse will be open, decentralized, community-driven, and user-controlled itself.

In this area, projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland lead the way. Of course, not everything can be open and community-driven. Some environments will be secure virtual places that can only be accessed with the appropriate digital key, just as most offices are only accessible to certain qualified people.

The Metaverse and Augmented Reality (AR)

Furthermore, the metaverse encompasses much more than these virtual worlds. In the metaverse, augmented reality should give more use cases than virtual reality. First, because it’s impractical to continually walk around with a big VR headset, but mostly because the real world will provide unlimited scalability.

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Technology will be able to add various layers to reality, such as entertainment, tourist information, traffic data, and many other possibilities. All of which can be seen via AR glasses lightweight, smart contact lenses or even holograms all over town.

Some cars already have AR technology on their windshields. And in the future, they may be able to automatically detect digital assets based in the metaverse and the blockchain on their journeys.

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