MetaMask offers to buy cryptos directly by credit card

Crypto-purchases in CB in MetaMask – The digital wallet Metamaskfirst released in 2016, was originally made for the network Ethereum (ETH), before opening up to other blockchains and becoming a must-have wallet of the cryptosphere. His development company, ConsenSys, recently received $450 million investment to continue developing its software. It is in this context that we learn that MetaMask now includes an option tobuying crypto by CB directly in its interface.

The wallet Metamask has largely popularized along with the network Ethereum was also growing. The phenomenon was further amplified with the arrival of decentralized finance (DeFi) and its support of other blockchain networks compatible with theEthereum virtual machine (EVM).

Always looking for a better user experienceMetaMask teams recently announced the release of the digital wallet update 4.3.1. In addition to adding a cosmetic dark modethis new version mainly brings the integration of credit card purchases of crypto-assets on iOS devices, via Pay Apple and wyre.

“MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 is live with some exciting updates:
Buy cryptocurrency on iOS with Apple Pay (Wyre), more transparency when interacting with sites, and support for gasless transactions where relevant. (…) Buying crypto on iOS just got a whole lot easier! In addition to debit card support, MetaMask Mobile now supports Visa and MasterCard (ApplePay) credit cards thanks to Wyre. »

Twitter account @MetaMask

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Up to $400 worth of crypto shopping per day

As a post from CryptoPotato clarifies, MetaMask users will now be able to purchase crypto with their debit or credit cards, within the $400 limit over a day. And this, whether the bank card is a Visa or a MasterCard.

It should however be noted that, even if MetaMask announces that it does not take profit on these crypto-purchases by CB, expenses of an amount equivalent to 0.875% of trade apply.

In the good news mentioned below, it should be noted that the support for gasless transactions will allow users to not pay transaction fees, which will instead be Covered by the networks that offer them (private blockchains, projects/protocols that pay the gas).

MetaMask therefore continues its feature development as surely as the growth from its basis ofusers. These are now more than 30 million per month to interact with the wallet. And these users could soon become an integral part of the ecosystem, since MetaMask plans to launch its DAO and its own token.

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