Meta (Facebook) soon to have a virtual currency?

Video game currency? – On January 31, the cryptocurrency project Diem (formerly Libra) has been permanently buried by Facebook (became Meta), which sold it to Silvergate Capital Corporation. Yet, of virtual currencies could indeed appear in the social network applications of the Meta group, but we can no longer really talk about cryptocurrencies here.

Soon “Zuckerberg dollars” in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

The Financial Times is a big fan of “anonymous sources familiar with the matter”, and this time it concerns the group Metaplatforms and its applications of social networks and messaging.

In publication published this April 6, 2022, obviously knowledgeable people have revealed that Meta intends to introduce a virtual currency in his services Facebook, instagram, WhatsAppand Messenger.

Still according to these sources, it is the branch Meta-financial technologies who would explore this opportunity, who would be dubbed Zuck dollars » (Zuckerberg dollar) by employees close to the project (fortunately April 1 has passed).

@FT Twitter account

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In fact, it would not be a cryptocurrency, since the sources speak of virtual tokens specific to the aforementioned applications, and “centrally controlled” by Meta Platforms. Kind of like a kind of loyalty points numbers, or gold coins in a video game like World of Warcraft.

Interest in Facebook and Instagram decreasing against new rivals like ICT TacMeta seeks to find “other sources of income”. After the failure of Diem, a centralized virtual currency without blockchain would therefore be the new track currently being dug.

The company has already attempted this type of adventure, with Facebook credits in 2009. But the trial was finally stopped in 2013 because she was “too expensive to maintain”.

The arrival of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on Instagram however, seems much more interesting than this new virtual monkey currency (which has nothing to do with ApeCoin, don’t worry). Especially since this possible Zuck dollars still looks good far to be at a stage operational.

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