Mercedes doubles Tesla on semi-autonomous driving

Since May 17, Mercedes-Benz has been offering its customers a world exclusive. Against a supplement of 5,000 to 7,430 euros on the already substantial price of his two Class S and EQS limousines (from 103,850 to 235,700 euros, excluding options), their driver gains the astonishing ability to follow the flow of traffic without having to to hold the steering wheel, or operate the pedals, or look at the road. “The Drive Pilot system offers our customers the greatest of luxuries: a little free time,” says Markus Schäfer, development manager at Mercedes-Benz.

No other car allows its driver to check his mail or shop online on the on-board touch screen without fear of hitting an obstacle. A significant privilege that even the most advanced Tesla cannot match. Inevitably, since it intimates the order to its driver to have his hands on the steering wheel if he lets go for a few seconds. Indeed, as famous as it is, its Autopilot system sticks to level 2 autonomy, when the Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot is the first level 3 semi-autonomous driving system approved in Europe. The fifth and final level representing the ultimate delegation.

A limit of 60 km/h

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