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During the winter transfer window, Olympique de Marseille midfielder Matto Guendouzi was the subject of a concrete approach from a Premier League club whose identity has not been revealed. Faced with a visibly significant offer, the French international is in reflection.

Matto Guendouzi has received a good offer in the Premier League.

Will Olympique de Marseille lose one of its best players in this winter’s transfer window? In recent weeks, Marseille midfielder Matto Guendouzi has been at the center of rumors of serious interest in the Premier League.

But recently that noise in the corridor had been muted with the intention of both parties to instead consider a departure next summer.

Guendouzi in contemplation!

Except that the situation has changed again… According to information from the daily newspaper L’Equipe on Tuesday, the French international was the subject of a concrete approach from an English club, whose identity did not filter, in this period of transfers. After an acceleration in exchanges over the past few days, the France international has received a fairly significant and interesting offer to make him think seriously.

At the moment, the reigning vice-champion of France has still not had the slightest offer for the former Lorient player and remains faithful to the plan planned by president Pablo Longoria with coach Igor Tudor: No player leaves the major. But with progress in discussions between Guendouzi and this mystery Premier League side, OM expect an offensive before January 31…

Aston Villa in the game?

The Olympic leaders asked suspiciously, suspecting an attack signed by Aston Villa due to the presence on the bench of coach Unai Emery, who idolized Guendouzi during his time at Arsenal. And a question will arise: can OM really resist in case of an XXL proposal?

Because with significant financial resources, the current 11th in the PL can probably offer a very large check to a talent, under contract until June 2025, valued at 25 million euros by Transfermarkt. And Longoria has often said it: he never closes the door to a sale in the face of an interesting proposition. A case that can really animate and influence the Olympic transfer window.

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