Medical field: an ecosystem of science, technology and innovation launched

A cooperation agreement was recently signed between the Science and Technology Department and the Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City to jointly create an ecosystem of science, technology and innovation in the medical field.

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Signing ceremony of cooperation between two services, May 27.

This is the result of a thorough preparation process with a high consensus between the leaders of the two services in order to mobilize social resources to create scientific and technological solutions as well as to innovate in governance and professional work. This will help improve the capacity of the health system to better care for the population.

According to experts, the city’s healthcare system still shows gaps between reality and patient needs, as well as the expectations of city leaders and even industry managers themselves. These discrepancies were glaring during the COVID-19 pandemic. The preventive health system is able to deal only with endemic diseases, but not enough to deal with emerging epidemics. Hospitals and other health care facilities also face many governance and administrative challenges.

Faced with this situation, the health sector has identified some directions that will require the concentration of resources, including human resources, infrastructure and medical equipment, to improve the synchronous capacity of the entire system.

Priority issues

It is therefore necessary to look into improving the capacity for disease prevention and control, the capacity for managing chronic non-communicable diseases, the health programs of health posts and increasing the capacity of the Center for Disease Control of the city ​​to a new level, strengthening the capacity of district hospitals and ensuring that they are the first places to receive patients. In addition, the capacity of general and specialized hospitals in the city must be improved so that they are truly front-line establishments able to receive seriously ill patients. In addition, the city aims to improve the capacity of the ambulatory emergency network in the direction of paramedics to ensure a rapid response to emergency assistance needs 24/24 hours and 7/7 days.

To validate these goals, after the cooperation signing ceremony, the Science and Technology Department organized a connection between the health sector and its ecosystem of “Connect” innovation startups.

In particular, the Health Service proposed research topics to its partner. These include solutions for identifying and suggesting interventions reserved for the mental health of residents in the post-COVID-19 period or even bringing artificial intelligence (AI) applications to support the reading of the results of chest x-ray, etc.

Text and photo: Quang Châu/CVN


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