Median Technologies performs and why its innovation is also of interest to the pharma sector

Innovation sometimes (often?) needs time to be right and Median Technologies knows this. Founded in 2002, the company is now reaping the fruits of a long work of evangelization, which has earned Fredrik Brag, its founder and manager, to tirelessly take up his pilgrim’s staff to convince, (re)assure that his small business in his hands a disruptive approach and that is what made all its flavor. And its value.

2022 even better than 2021?

Two decades later, the results announced for the 2021 financial year show a company that is performing with a turnover growing by 52.4%, to 20.5 million euros when the first quarter of 2022 reports a turnover at 5.7 million euros, representing growth of 9.2% compared to the first quarter of 2021.

Above all, the order book is also following an upward trend, considered over the period from March 2021 to March 2022, at nearly 19%.

All good news for the nugget based in Sophia-Antipolis, which is already planning a solid 2022. Because there is this process initiated with the FDA to authorize the marketing of its iBiopsy medical device software. Software that detects but above all characterizes what the image shows and that is what the enormous progress has been made. File was filed on March 3 and should give impetus to the latest innovation signed by Median Technologies. An administrative process which will take time but which, if positive, opens up a wide range of possibilities for the Sophia Antipolis company.

The choice of a two-headed business model

A company that has chosen a two-headed positioning, since in addition to iBiopsy, the iCRO ​​activity allows it to garner business and cash. It is in particular it – because it delivers services to the biopharmaceutical industry – which drains the turnover and allows the continuation of investments in iBiopsy.

What growth prospects for Median Technologies?

We deliver what we said we would do “, summarizes Fredrik Brag, particularly happy with the first quarter of 2022, “ where we reached many milestones “, thus referring to the iBiopsy software, which clearly, is taking giant steps for the Sophia Antipolis company. A leader who insists on increasing the order book, which remained stable in 2020 due to the Covid impact, and who here is regaining its momentum.

2022 which will see the continuation of investments, which therefore logically focus on iBiopsy. On this point, with cash and cash equivalents reaching 33.1 million euros, all is well for Median. Especially since it interests – and this is a bit of a surprise – pharmas.

Pharmas interested in Median’s potential to detect diseases at the earliest possible stage, allowing them to manage and treat these same patients as soon as possible. ” This shows the synergy between our two activities, iCRO ​​and IBiopsy, which are not at all two different activities, distinct, but complementary », Supports Fredrik Brag. One serving the other.

“Our iBiopsy software, by allowing detection and characterization, is disrupting the management of lung cancer” (Fredrik Brag, Median Technologies)

Focus investments on iBiopsy

If the order book is well filled, it is in particular thanks to China, which has shown sustained interest in particular in the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. China, where Median Technologies has the largest laboratories in the country and where the company claims to have a good reputation. ” We will support our Chinese customers in their export process adds Fredrik Brag. For their part, Europe and the United States are also maintaining their respective dynamism.

On the investment side – the sinews of war when you are an innovative company – these will quite logically focus on iBiopsy and its development. And concern more particularly the validation of the different indications. It is recalled that Median Technology works on lung cancer, but also on NASH and liver cancer, among others. Lung cancer which attracts the interest of pharmas. ” We provide solutions with outlets “, explains Fredrik Brag, adding a layer on the complementarity between iBiopsy and iCRO. ” This is what makes us have a real business model “. And which should drain the development of one of the oldest innovative companies in France.