Mastercard advances “smile to pay” technology (smile

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(Pocket-lint) – Mastercard is pushing ahead with its new biometric checkout technology that will allow users to pay with just a smile or a wave.

The company explains that it uses technology similar to that which lets you unlock your phone with your face or fingerprint, but instead uses it to speed up the checkout process.

Once registered, you can use the service online or in-store, smiling at a camera or waving your hand over a reader to pay.

Mastercard emphasizes the hygienic benefits of such a system, building on the health concerns that have arisen during the pandemic.

No more fumbling for your wallet or typing in card details, that’s great, right? Well, some are not so convinced.

Many are concerned that the data used for this system may be used to track, control or monitor unsuspecting consumers.

Suzie Miles, a partner at law firm Ashfords, told the Guardian: “Although it appears that Mastercard has taken steps to protect and encrypt this data, as biometric payments become more common, the use of these data is subject to change and it will inevitably become more difficult to protect the privacy rights of individuals.”

Mastercard, for its part, highlighted research that indicates that 74% of global consumers have a positive attitude towards biometric technology.

Ajay Bhalla, President of Cyber ​​and Intelligence at Mastercard, said “how we pay must keep pace with how we live, work and do business, providing consumer choice with the highest levels of security. .”

The first pilot program will be launched in Sao Paulo, Brazil this week. Customers will be able to register to make biometric payments in-store or using an app through Payface, Mastercard’s local partner.

Written by Luke Baker.

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