Martin Blachier on monkeypox: “There is a new phenomenon, it’s weird, we don’t understand”

Guest of Romain Desarbres’ morning show, epidemiologist Martin Blachier spoke about the first cases of monkey pox detected in France. “There is a new phenomenon, it is the emergence of lots of outbreaks of this virus in lots of countries in northern Europe or the United States, it’s weird, we don’t understand”.

A real misunderstanding of the medical profession. On the CNEWS set this Thursday, May 26, epidemiologist Martin Blachier spoke of “a new phenomenon”. Currently, monkeypox is spreading throughout the world, particularly in Europe with several dozen cases recorded.

“What we had not seen before was the emergence of outbreaks of this “monkey pox” virus in many countries in northern Europe or the United States. There is something strange,” explains Martin Blachier, who does not want to see this as a serious problem.

“When you have 7 cases in France and most people recover after three weeks, you cannot say that it is serious, but there is something that we do not understand and that questions. The question is what do we do?” continues the doctor.

“Either we wait to understand everything before acting, or we act to put an end to the phenomenon as quickly as possible”, concludes Martin Blachier.

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