Marketing Automation enchants the customer relationship

For example, brands share their product recommendations with their audience through posts like “We think you’ll like this…” or “Based on your recent searches”. To meet this desire for personalization, companies must therefore know more about each of their customers and, in particular, thanks Marketing Automation.

Personalization requires a strong database

This information includes both “static data” about customers, such as name, date of birth and even shoe size, but also behavioral information, such as browsing habits on a company’s website. (eg what they look at on the site and where they click). This data provides specialists in marketing the necessary information to develop a compelling and personalized customer experience.

Although it sounds simple, you can manually manage security policies marketing requires a lot of resources. This leaves less time and budget for their effective implementation. Customer satisfaction and relationships are also at risk if content does not reach them at the right time, through the right channel and is irrelevant.

Automation of marketing takes care of the customer relationship

With Marketing AutomationAssignments marketing repetitive and boring can be fully automated and optimized. This solution is also based on a contact’s behavior or its characteristics (age, country, language, gender, etc.) relieves the teams marketing independent sending of content and adaptation of campaigns with relevant data. This strategy involves targeting customers with campaigns that show pages or products they have previously viewed. In particular, it uses data about past behavior to better understand what interests customers and to offer them ads that are more likely to convert them. By sending offers and discounts via e-mail or SMS based on segmentation and browsing behavior, companies show interest in their customers’ needs without neglecting other tasks.

In addition, they can welcome new subscribers to their website/newsletter or send them personalized offers and discounts based on their browsing habits through an automated email or SMS, thereby asking the first stone in a lasting relationship of trust with them.

that marketing automation helps not only the specialists in marketing save valuable time and save money. It uses customer data and insights such as age and gender to deliver ads that are more relevant to that demographic. This type of demographic targeting is often used on social media (where user demographic information is most readily available) to deliver personalized and highly relevant content to preferred channels at the right time. It is thus particularly effective in stimulating engagement and strengthening the customer relationship, as it systematically induces the consumer’s consent before any action on the part of the brand.

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