MAP. The flu epidemic is progressing: how is the situation in your department?

Emergency transition rate continues to rise, +52% last week. (©Sable News)

“It is the week of all dangers” warned the Minister of Health, François Braun, during a trip to Annecy hospital this Wednesday, December 28, 2022. Because if on the 9.e The Covid wave seems to be on the way back, that bronchiolitis is also on the way back, the flu is going the opposite way and explode.

The bulletin of Public Health France (SPF) published on Wednesday confirms the minister’s observation. This epidemiological point concerns the situation between 19 and 25 December (week 51), and the indicators are increasing.

The number of emergency visits is increasing

According to data from the SPF, indicators of influenza and hospitalizations related to this disease are increasing in all age groups.

The frequency of consultations with influenza-like illness per 100,000 inhabitants is for week 51, of 460, which is 29% more than a week ago. The health authorities also emphasize a “very high level of activity in urban medicine and in the hospital, especially among 15-64-year-olds”.

Above all, the number of visits to the emergency room continues to increase, + 52% according to data from health institutions with no less than 19,242 visits last week.

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Hospital admissions are increasing

Another worrying indicator: the number of hospitalizations after being in the ER for flu syndrome. This data jumps with + 75% last week.

2,738 people were hospitalized in this case between 19 and 25 December.

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Since the start of surveillance (week 40) in mainland France, there have been 193 severe cases of influenza admitted to the intensive care unit and 261 reports of episodes of clustered cases of respiratory infection in medico-social institutions, including 98 episodes confirmed for influenza.

In addition, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Réunion and Mayotte are entering the epidemic phase. The entire metropolitan area of ​​France is in this scenario.

To, Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist and director of the Institute of Global Health in Geneva, estimated that the epidemic peak of influenza should ” be reached within approximately fifteen days“.

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