Mamou: the Higher Institute of Technology inaugurates a practical work room in Industrial Electrical Engineering

An infrastructure, newly installed within the Higher Institute of Technology of Mamou, was inaugurated last Saturday, June 4, 2022. It is a room for Practical Work in Industrial Electrical Engineering which will now allow students and teachers -researchers of this institution to link theory to practice, learned on the spot through its correspondent in the prefecture.

The inaugural ceremony saw the presence of Dr Diaka Sidibé, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, accompanied by other members of the government such as Bernard Gomou (Minister of Trade), Abé Sylla (Minister of Energy), Yaya Sow (Minister of Infrastructure and Transport). It was in the presence of colleges of rectors and directors general of higher education institutions, French partners, and the authorities of Mamou.

Obtained as part of the “ProForElec” project, which means Professionalizing Electrical Engineering training in Guinea, the room is fully equipped and offered to the MAMOU Higher Institute of Technology by French partners. It will allow students and teacher-researchers to improve their skills further.

Dr Hamidou Barry, Director General of the Mamou Higher Institute of Technology

Dr. Hamidou Barry, Director General of IST Mamou, was delighted with the establishment of this room which will play a driving role in the development of its students. “This practical work room, equipped with modern machines, is in addition to the other laboratories available to our institute. Intended to serve to link theory to practice, this room will strengthen the teaching-learning activities of our teachers and students. And the skills acquired will qualify our teaching and make our students competitive on the job market. This room, too, is a research center at a time when all the countries of the world are working for renewable energies”, explained Dr Hamidou Barry.

Furthermore, the Managing Director of the Mamou IST has undertaken to use this equipment wisely. “In cutting the inaugural ribbon, I want to reassure you and our partners that this lab will be put to good use and remain for training and research purposes only. We will always ensure that the equipment installed there is in good condition,” he said.

Christophe DEBENDERE, French partner

For his part, Christophe DEBENDERE, French partner, returned to the context of the creation of this room for Practical Work in Industrial Electrical Engineering. “Guinea is one of the five African countries least able to retain its best talent and only 20% of the rural population has access to reliable electricity. The purpose of the project is to train IST students for a few years but also to ensure the transmission of the program to IST teachers in Mamou so that they themselves can take over their account and use the materials that are in the Practical Works room that we saw this morning to adapt the teaching and take over since, in fact, our vocation is not to permanently train students in France, but to transfer skills to that the IST becomes totally autonomous in terms of training… Our ambitions are to support the structure of the Energy sector in Guinea and create a real space for win-win collaboration between the players,” said Christophe DEBENDERE.

Dr Diaka Sidibé, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation

In his speech, Dr. Diaka Sidibé, Minister of Higher Education, thanked the French partners before inviting the beneficiaries to take advantage of this opportunity. “Dear Mamou IST partners, you have just taken a major step which I salute while congratulating you on behalf of the government of the transition because support for training, research and innovation is a pledge certainty of a better future for our system. You have just succeeded in demonstrating that our higher education institutions can open up to the world and access various partnerships and funding, support for trainers and students. I would therefore like to thank you on behalf of the entire department and invite the rectors and directors general here present to draw inspiration from this model of development and promising cooperation. To the students of the Mamou IST, I am addressing you in particular. You have just had a great opportunity, seize it and make this institution a model of new technology. The department that I have the honor to lead will continue to provide all the necessary support to higher education institutions that are part of a dynamic of innovation”.

After visiting the Practical Works Room in Industrial Electrical Engineering, Dr. Diaka Sidibé proceeded to lay the first stone of the future administrative block of the Institute’s campus, which will take 36 months to complete. This was followed by the signing of several framework cooperation agreements between the MANOU Higher Institute of Technology, French partners and other higher education institutions in the country.

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