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Google Play Protect allows you to analyze the quality of apps installed on your smartphone. — Image courtesy of Google

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13 — Google has released a new list of malicious apps that have been removed from its Play Store.

There are a few simple rules you can follow to avoid installing these types of apps on your smartphone, although they may not always be 100% foolproof.

A new set of apps has just been banned from the Google Play Store, accused of collecting personal data without users’ knowledge.

According to the wall street journalthey all have the particularity of being published from Panama.

Although finally retired a few days ago, these apps — including Speed ​​Camera Radar, Al-Moazin Lite, WiFi Mouse and QR & Barcode Scanner — have nevertheless been downloaded several million times.

If it is obviously always possible to uninstall them, it is better to exercise caution before installing any new application on your mobile.

To do this, you should never download apps from anywhere other than the Play Store, as you run the risk of installing malware that is not verified or monitored by Google.

You should also make sure to enable Google Play Protect – an app scanning tool capable of detecting dangerous behavior – on your device.

While not foolproof, Google Play Protect performs a security check of apps from the Google Play Store before they are downloaded, then detects any potentially harmful apps from other sources on your device.

To check if Google Play Protect is enabled on your Android smartphone, go to the Google Play Store app and click on your profile icon. Select Play Protect, then go to Settings.

There you can enable “Scan apps with Play Protect” and “Improve detection of harmful apps” options. Those who wish can also disable these features at any time. — Studio ETX

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