Maif: More flexible death insurance

Death insurance adapts to the vicissitudes of life.

Streamlined medical questionnaire, right to be forgotten, suspension of contributions, capital increase, advance of funds… Maif is developing its Rassurcap death insurance offer.

Maif announces major changes to its Rassurcap death insurance policy. The new offer, co-constructed with members, is more flexible, more inclusive and more supportive.

In March 2021, the Maif death contract had already introduced some new features, in particular the possibility of personalizing services, access to a listening and advice service or even assistance with administrative procedures. These services were also available in the event of a hard blow for a member of the household.

Streamlined medical questionnaire

Maif wanted to go further in the context of its raison d’être and its status as a company with a mission. It now offers a simplified subscription process with a simplified medical questionnaire for people under 40 who take out a contract for a capital of up to 250,000 euros. Members who so wish can now subscribe to the contract online.

Right to be forgotten

In addition, up to 200,000 euros in guaranteed capital, members who have overcome cancer for more than 10 years are no longer obliged to report it in the medical questionnaire.

Suspension of contributions

Another major development, the member who has experienced the death of his spouse, also a subscriber, can suspend the payment of contributions to the contract for 3 years. Suspension is also possible in the event of total and irreversible loss of autonomy of the spouse (married, PACS partners or cohabitants).

Critical Illness Benefit

Among other new features, new subscribers to the contract can benefit from critical illness cover. In the event of diagnosis of a serious illness during the life of the contract, the subscriber benefits from a payment of an additional capital of 5,000 euros in one go.

Capital increase

Alternatively, subscribers can increase the capital up to 20,000 euros in one or more times during the life of the contract, provided they do so before their 50th birthday.

Cash advance

Finally, it is now possible to release a cash advance of 4,000 euros to the spouse, PACS partner or to any person designated as beneficiary of the contract following the death of the subscriber. ” This guarantee is applicable to members already in stock, subject to a minimum insured capital of 20,000 euros, as well as to new subscriptions. “, specifies the Maif in a press release.

We can be very proud of the co-construction of this project with members and prospects, which has transformed Rassurcap Solutions into a more flexible offer that even better meets their expectations and those of their loved ones. », declares Hélène N’Diaye, managing director of Maif Vie and CEO of the Maif group.

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