Lydia launches “trading with friends”!


Photo credit © Reuters

( — Lydia is launching “trading with friends”, the feature that allows you to follow the investment strategies of those close to you. Made public last Friday, this new functionality of the Lydia trading platform allows users to follow more closely the investment strategies of their loved ones and to be inspired by them…

Via a unique link, the user can invite the person of his choice to follow his decision-making and the evolution of his investments. While investment amounts are not revealed, the feature allows for observation of asset diversification and portfolio allocation.
With trading between friends, Lydia aims to trivialize conversations around money, and to help its users better understand the mechanisms of investment by getting information from their already established circle of trust!

A way to perfect your financial education around a subject – investment – that has been kept to yourself until now…

This new feature is introduced as part of v11 of the Lydia application. This update has particularly changed the application with strong choices in terms of UX and a reaffirmed desire to change the relationship to money.


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