Luxury watches and Bitcoin: Watches World goes crypto

We know the appetite of a large number of crypto investors for luxury watches. Moreover, some big brands like Breitling Where Ulysse Nardin already use blockchain technology for their certificates. Hublot also offers crypto-watches in partnership with Ledger for watch enthusiasts. Watches World takes advantage of this craze and offers luxury watches that can be buy in bitcoin. A good way to collection and to have fun for lovers of “complications”.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Watches World.

Watches World pays attention to detail

Founded in 2015 by Rudy Esposito, Watches World wants to become the ultimate buy-resell platform for luxury watches. The company approaches this market in an innovative way. No wonder WW now offers its customers to buy and resell their watches for cryptocurrency.

Watches World is present on a global scale. With 10 locations around the worldthe company is operational on 4 different continents. As a result, it can meet the needs of its customers wherever they are. To this end, WW also has showrooms in London, Paris, Hong Kong and soon miami and Dubai which are known for their very “crypto-friendly” policy.

Thanks to its premises spread across the globe, WW is therefore able to deliver any watch quickly in the whole world. Very efficient in terms of logistics, these enthusiasts constantly aim to improve the offer offered to users of the platform.

Watches World offers, among other things, the famous Rolex

Watch aficionados appreciate precision. The expertise of the interlocutors is therefore essential. As a result, Watches World has taken the time to fully master watchmaking know-how in order to achieve excellence. A quasi-devotion which today gives them a dominant position in this niche market. The company’s credo: break down barriers and disrupt the market to change our vision of luxury.

Watches and cryptos, a natural approach to luxury

To do this, the company makes it a point of honor to provide irreproachable high-end services, in the quality of the watches as well as in the personalized assistance. This by always looking for the best price. The team seems to have learned and understood how important mood and atmosphere are when buying a watch. The company therefore aims to develop trust and relationships with its customers so that the experience is memorable and the transactions pleasant. The platform, reliable, secure and pleasant, allows you to find your happiness as precisely as Swiss watchmaking.

Thus, with Watches World, cryptophiles and other long-term investors are not left out. Indeed, luxury watches, like cryptocurrencies, are increasingly seen as a store of value credible. Like gold and other precious metals, they are also a means of enhancing one’s wealth. Especially since, like a good wine, the price of exceptional watches increases over time.

Buying luxury watches with Bitcoin is now possible thanks to Watches World.
Watches and Bitcoin, a winning duo

All watches sold by WW are carefully examined and, if necessary, revised before being presented to customers. Watches usually come with a factory warranty. Thus, their owners can have them serviced later at authorized dealers around the world. Although perfection is a very relative term, WW therefore has full confidence in the products sold and prides itself on tailor-made perfectionism.

In case of redemption of a watch, Watches World requires a verification and a complete examination of the watch by a certified watchmaker. Then (generally within 72 hours after the watch has been presented to the WW team) delivery or collection is organized at the convenience and expense of the sender. Sometimes, however, an agreement prior to the conclusion of the purchase allows the sender not to pay these costs.

The requirement and modernity even in the transactions

Changing the perception of what a watch purchase transaction is is the best way to disrupt an institution. From then on, Watches World is determined to revolutionize the market. Appointments take place in exclusive salons and showrooms to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Far from the usual strict and formal approach, the company offers a new experience. With WW, everything happens in a good mood, with a smile and in complete confidence.

Watches World wants the buyer to have a unique experience by coming to buy a watch in their showroom and to encourage the purchase, in fiat or in bitcoin.
Watches World reinvents the shopping experience in the watch industry

Being able to buy or sell luxury watches for Bitcoin also demonstrates this innovative approach. To do this, Watches World uses Utrust. Like Paypal, this platform, recently acquired by Elrondhas a very effective buyer protection system. It is neither more nor less world number 1 cryptocurrency payments!

Whether in fiat or cryptocurrencies, each transaction is carried out in a secure manner. Watches are delivered within 3-5 business days of receipt of payment. Also, each piece is shipped securely via one of the company’s trusted couriers, including Brinks.

Watches World’s young and energetic team offers a new definition of the luxury watch and jewelry market. Without denigrating the old school approach which is struggling to evolve, it was time for watch enthusiasts for such a change to come. In addition to accepting cryptocurrencies like means of paymentWW also offers a secure and simplified exchange process, coupled with efficient logistics. Is the platform poised to usher in a new era of watch trade? It’s up to you to check it out.

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