LOSC had fun against Troyes, and their forwards too

It’s time for the multiplex

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It is over ! Lille won 5-1!

The mastiffs did not flinch despite the absences and made their realism speak. Bayo and David each scored twice, Virginius scored his first goal with LOSC: a perfect day for the strikers, even if Ounas went out on a stretcher. Troyes had no time to believe it despite Baldé’s narrowing of the gap and will have to put their heads back in place for the game to be maintained.


It was his birthday yesterday and Cabella gave him a straight center that the Canadian just had to cut. 5-1, with David’s 12th league goal of the season.

Virginius very close to double!

But Lis felt the blow in his duel and held his hand when the Lille striker closed his foot.

Lille temporarily returns to Monaco and Rennes

The Principality’s club host Ajaccio at 17:05, while the Bretons host PSG at 20:45.

Fonseca spins

Aleksandro and Fonte replace Weah and Yoro after the fourth goal.


Lille is very aware of “rebounds”, as they say in basketball. After a strike from Zhegrova, Virginius pushes the ball deep and tackles… 4-1!

Virginius does not open his disk with Lille!

Fonseca had told him to go deep when he came in, and he listened to his coach. The former Sochalien is launched by his goalkeeper, but cannot manage to adjust Lis!

Small double shift

Baleba and Bayo are replaced by Cabella and Virginius, substitutions already planned before the Trojan goal.


Conte hits and crosses strongly at ground level. Baldé takes over at the first post and shoots Chevalier. 3-1!

Odobert enters

The very hard-hitting winger replaces Bruus.

Lille sets up her triangles

It’s not their best recent game, but there are still some streaks that are nice to see.

Lily drops the ball a little more

Angel Gomes’ long shot was straight but still sets him off. David was still prowling.

Weah strikes and knocks down a defender

His shot is caught by Lis. The Trojans will have to be mindful of their goal differential.


The former Clermontois is the liveliest on the rebound after a long shot from Weah was badly denied by Lis. Double for Bayo, 3-0 for LOSC!

Here we go again !

No change at halftime.

LOSC leads 2-0 against ESTAC at the break!

It was the result of the Coupe de France match between the same teams last week and they are the same scorers: Bayo and David. The Mastiffs took the break at the right time, just before the break.


By utilizing Bayo’s new perfect angled control in the box. He trips the Trojan goalkeeper, but David follows and adjusts out of control to make it 2-0!

Knight is very confident

Exit without the tremor on a Trojan corner, in line with a half without a fever, where we especially saw him use his feet a lot.


We knew what the left-hander would do by transplanting from the right, but it is difficult to defend after all. His shot, not curled but rather kicked, ends up upright.

Larouci tries the half volley at a closed angle and at the end of the run

He didn’t really have any other choice as he had gotten into the box very quickly. Note that it develops the left piston today.

Palmer-Brown steps in past Bayo at the six-yard corner

The former Clermont still had a very good grip on the ball, with a control oriented to free himself from the marking.

Troyes is not let down by the opener

The fight remains balanced, even if Aubois fails to create any real danger. However, they had a couple of set pieces.

Baleba is the first informed player

Palmer-Brown heads the ensuing free-kick but misses the target.

Ultras sing in tribute to Benjamin André

The medium recently extended its lease in the Nordic region. After the goal, they paid the striker a more teasing tribute: “Et Ricard to Momo Bayo!”

The goal is confirmed on video!

Bayo was on the edge of offside and his goal is validated.


He doesn’t need many balls in the area! At his first opportunity he steers with his left to get into a striking position and lights up with his right!

Tardieu tries his luck after a corner kick

Chevalier drops the ball but it was to avoid taking any risk and he catches it in two stages.

Ounas leaves the stadium on a stretcher

We hope to get some reassuring news after all.

The first option is Trojan

Aubois looks for the slightest opportunity to counter and take advantage of an ill-adjusted return. Rony Lopes launches Mama Baldé, which does not fit.

Ounas is asking for change

The Algerian international injured himself when he tried to correct a ball that was about to come out…

First shot of the match

Bruus tries his luck on the Trojan side, then Weah on the Lille side. Like what you can be on the left side and find yourself in a good position.

Let’s go to this first Sunday match in Ligue 1!

Mastiffs started. Weah plays well laterally, left side.

The roof of the Pierre-Mauroy stadium is closed

The weather is gloomy in Lille, as everywhere in France. All the better: it’s a good excuse to be able to watch Ligue 1 all day…

The compositions have dropped!

LOSC: Chevalier – Diakité, Yoro, Djalo, Weah – André, Baleba – Ounas, Angel Gomes, David – Bayo.

Troyes: Lis – T.Baldé, Salmier, Palmer-Brown, Conte – Larouci, Chavalerin – Rony Lopes, Tardieu, Bruus – M.Baldé.

A replay a week later…

Last Sunday, Dogues beat ESTAC 2-0 in the Coupe de France thanks to goals from David and Bayo. Lille supporters are therefore asking for a faithful replay, the Trojans for a happy ending…

Welcome everyone this Sunday in Ligue 1

Seven matches are on the schedule this Sunday: Angers-Clermont, Montpellier-Nantes, Reims-Nice, Toulouse-Brest (3pm), Monaco-Ajaccio (5.05pm) and Rennes-PSG (8.45pm) follow. , but before then we start with Lille -Troyes at 1pm.

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