Longwy. Scoot’ always… even without a license or insurance

If this 32-year-old woman refused to submit to a check on Thursday afternoon, May 19, in Longwy, it was because she knew what she was risking… When the Longovicienne was finally stopped on her 125 cm³, a little further than the district of 8-Mai-1945, the list of police reproaches is long: refusal to comply, but also lack of a permit – which she never passed –, lack of insurance, fake plate…

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Under electronic bracelet

The 30-year-old is placed in police custody, while the officials realize that the inventory is even more extensive. The question was already covered by a procedure concerning a check carried out three years earlier, while she was driving a Clio. She was then caught without a license or insurance and under the influence of narcotics.

Thursday, the Longovicienne was also carrying an electronic bracelet and under the influence of a ban on passing the driving license. The accumulation of these bad points earned him to be referred to the Val de Briey prosecutor’s office, which had to decide on the follow-up to be given to the case.

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