Logan Paul at the heart of a new controversy after promoting a game that turns out to be a massive scam

News JVTech Logan Paul at the heart of a new controversy after promoting a game that turns out to be a massive scam

While the famous YouTuber had promoted a game during the year 2021, this is now at the heart of a scandal about him. Targeted by accusations from a YouTuber, Logan Paul now has to answer to the users of this famous game, whose promises clearly do not seem to have been respected.

CryptoZoo, the goose that lays the golden eggs by Logan Paul

If you haven’t heard about this famous CryptoZoo, you surely haven’t missed anything, except for a scam… Claimed to be an online platform that allows users to buy, sell and collect virtual exotic animals similar to Pokémon , apparently failed to deliver on its promises.

Without revolutionary gameplay, to innovate, the game relied on blockchain (technology behind cryptocurrencies and NFTs). Thus, players could buy “Zoo Coins”, the currency used on the platform, to buy eggs from random animals in NFT. The ultimate goal: to breed them to obtain rare hybrid species in NFT that can bring in a lot of money.

The game quickly got people talking about it as it relied on the support of Logan Paul and his community of more than 23 million subscribers. As a result, CryptoZoo grew exponentially in 2021 when the NFT craze was still in full swing. In total, the game generated $2.5 million in revenue from NFT egg sales in its launch year alone.

Even more enormous, the capitalization of the Zoo coin (total amount invested in the currency) is estimated at 2 billion dollars. Only problem, despite its pharaonic numbers, the game is still not playable.

The game promoted by Logan Paul was ultimately a big “scam”

After these millions of euros collected, it is time to take stock. In a YouTube video, its counterpart Coffeezilla published a study showing point by point why CryptoZoo is a “massive scam”.

In this story, many people who trusted Logan Paul invested money in cryptocurrencies and NFTs from the app without knowing much about the crypto industry and the volatility that characterizes it. This is the case of a user interviewed by Coffeezilla who has almost 7000 dollars in this “game”.

If Logan Paul is not responsible for the fall in value of Bitcoin and the crypto market, he is responsible for the fact that the application he promoted is still not available. The same applies to services sold by CryptoZoo, which therefore cannot be remunerated. For example, the famous eggs in NFT are currently useless: “it’s just a photo”, says another player.

Logan Paul at the heart of a new controversy after promoting a game that turns out to be a massive scam

In addition, users are not about to review their investment, as one of the developers responsible for the project, according to Logan Paul’s details, would have “fled to Switzerland with the source code” and would demand a ransom of one million dollars in exchange Games.

Youtuber Coffeezilla, meanwhile, has stated another version, reporting that none of the “30 employees of the company” would have received a salary during the development of the game. It is worth remembering that the case of CryptoZoo is not isolated.

With the explosion of “games to earn”, boosted by NFTs and cryptocurrencies, several shady projects have emerged. These have benefited from the wave of interest surrounding the crypto ecosystem to dangle significant investment returns. After the bursting of the speculation bubble, however, many of his projects stopped at the concept stage, leaving many investors in the lurch.

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