LIVE – OM-Rennes: after a great highlight in Marseille, the game gradually balances out

During last minute pickup

Via a long clearance, Lopez finds that Under is picking up speed and is about to enter the box. At 18 metres, he is well taken over by a defender. Marseille remains dangerous.

Missed pass by Malinovskyi

Malinovskyi tries a through pass for Sanchez. The play was there, but the pass is too long for the Chilean, who cannot resume.

Resumption of the match

Here we go again to these Round of 16 in the Coupe de France. It’s Marseille’s turn to get involved.

Break in Marseille

It’s the break at the Velodrome. Despite a strong highlight manifested by a cross from Malinovskyi, Marseillais failed to open the scoring. After letting the storm pass, the Bretons defended better thanks to a solid Theate but struggled to get dangerous chances.

Balerdi sanctioned

Balerdi wants to defend the ball and puts his hand on Bourigeaud’s face and receives a yellow card.

Rennes raises his head a little

After a great half hour from the locals, the debates are gradually balanced. If Rennais still lacks precision, the defense via Theate does better against the opposition’s attacks.

Rennes corner but…

Rennes get a corner. Cards are played with Majer crossing to the nearest post. With the help of his defense, Lopez manages to win the ball.

It’s Talented’s turn to show off

Excellent control of Gifted in the heart of the game, which does well against two Marseillais. He is gaining meters but is held back and fouled.

Majer imprecise

Interesting against PSG, Majer struggles this time to serve his teammates in good conditions. While Rennes can go forward, the Croatian misses his pass in the heart of the game and gives the ball back to Marseille.

Sanchez served deep but…

Served in the deep, Sacnhez goes to challenge Alemdar face to face. Fortunately for the visitors, the striker is flagged for offside.

Gifted hampered by Marseille’s defenders

Pushed by Tavares, Traoré can revive his team from the right. Via a long ball, Gouiri is found in the area. He passed to Gifted, but the latter struggled to turn and get into a shooting position.

Malinovskyi shows off his technique

After a long cross from the defense, Malinovskyi plays his technique to the right and claws a corner. Rennes manage to get free, but the Marseille rookie is on his feet in this game.

IF a little less offensive

OM’s great offensive phase has calmed down a bit for a few minutes. If Rennais don’t really have the ball, it will be a bit more complicated for the locals to pass the Breton block.

Favorable counter for Malinovskyi

Malinovskyi benefits from an advantageous counter 20 meters from the Rennes area. He tries a scoop as a center against the axis, but it is countered by a Rennais.

Tavares shaves Alemdar’s post

Nice try by Tavares. Quite far from the surface, the side takes the initiative to strike and with good reason, as the ball shaves the left post at Rennes.

Sanchez at close range, but…

Good cross from Kolasinac from the left. Present in the area between Truffert and Theate, Sanchez manages to recover a header from close range. It lacks power and is easily intercepted by Alemdar.

Rennes cannot build

Rennes try to play on their right but suffer heavy pressure from Marseille, giving the Bretons no time to build. OM quickly recovers the leather.

Marseille very convincing

Since the start of the match, Marseille have completely prevented Rennes from developing their game. It is a big strong test from the locals who have already almost scored twice.

Reindeer under pressure

On the left, Tavares sends a long low cross to Sanchez. It takes an excellent tackle from Theate to prevent the Olympian from taking over.

Malinovskyi hits the post

Outside the center of full axis at about 30 meters, Malinovskyi unleashes a very powerful strike via his left foot. This smashes the mail from Alemdar.

Yellow card for Rennes

First penalty of the game for Wooh after a sole on Kolasinac. Offset free kick goes to OM.

Sanchez active on the right

Risky release from Theate allowing Marseillais to get high. Eccentric on the right, Sanchez is found and tries to make a difference. His attempt to cross is met by a defender, but a Marseille had touched the leather.

Kolasinac in a duel with Traoré

Charge from Kolasinac at Traoré, who stays on the ground for a moment. However, he managed to get up with the help of the healers.

Truffer reacts

It is Truffert’s turn to react. Fairly far from the surface, but full axis, the side attempts a strike which passes to the right of Lopez’s cage.

Sanchez comes close to capitalizing on a Rennes error

What a poor clearance from Majer. Looking to lay away towards his goalkeeper, the midfielder makes a soft pass which Sanchez recovers in the area. Hindered by Alemdar, the striker cannot use himself and his broken shot misses the target.

Let’s go !

Let’s go to this Coupe de France meeting. It is Rennais who gets involved.

Marseillais and Rennais make their entrance

Kickoff of the meeting is a matter of minutes. The two teams make their entrance on the grass of the Vélodrôme stadium. The Olympic audience is there with 56,000 spectators.

Bailly’s heavy suspension also causes Drogba to react

Didier Drogba invites himself into the debate. The former OM striker published two tweets to express dismay at the seven-match suspension imposed on Éric Bailly, banned on January 7 for a dangerous gesture against Hyères in the Coupe de France (2-0 Marseille win).

“I find the disciplinary committee’s decision very unfortunate,” wrote the former Ivorian international, surprised that previous similar cases have resulted in lighter suspensions.

“What are the explanations?! The gesture is really dangerous, but the difference between the sanctions is still surprising, isn’t it?”, Didier Drogba added.

Guendouzi, main actor in the last opposition

If the two formations occupy the first five places in the league, the latter has not yet had the opportunity to decide. For good reasons, during their clash in Ligue 1, Marseille and Rennais had taken a score of 1-1.

Today’s proprietor, Matteo Guendouzi, had been the main element in sight. If he had caused the opening of the Bretons’ scoring due to a csc, the midfielder had caught up by equalizing.

An OM in great form against a tough Rennes

On a streak of six wins in a row, OM is in great form in the league. In addition to showing an attractive style of play, Marseillais can even still believe in the title by being five points behind a struggling PSG since the resumption of the championship.

Before then, they must bring in a Rennes team that a few days ago managed the feat of beating the Parisians. Proof that even at home, Marseille must expect to suffer against a team that is often effective against the tenors of Ligue 1.

Rennes got scared in the first round, OM didn’t flinch

The first match of the round of 16 of the Coupe de France offers a big shock, since Olympique de Marseille (3rd) and Rennes (5th) meet each other at the Stade Vélodrome at 21:10. A meeting of high prestige between two clubs that are well ranked in Ligue 1. During the last round, Rennais had a scare against Girondins de Bordeaux, but was able to win thanks to the performances of Bourigeaud and Doku (2-1).

Facing Hyères, Marseillais could have feared the worst by quickly being reduced to 10 following the sending off of Eric Bailly. But thanks to Sanchez and Dieng, the men of Tudor finally disposed of the residents of National 2 without much difficulty.

The eleven of OM without Mbemba, but with Tavares

Lopez – Kolasinac, Gigot, Balerdi – Tavares, Veretout, Rongier, Under – Guendouzi, Sanchez, Malinovskyi

The eleven of Rennes with Doué and Gouiri

Alemdar – Traoré, Wooh, Rodon, Theate, Truffert – Ugochukwu, Majer – Bourigeaud, Gouiri, Doué

The OM group will face Rennes, without Clauss or Kaboré

OM has just announced the group selected to face Stade Rennais on Friday night in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. As announced by Tudor at a press conference on Thursday, Clauss is out. However, the absence of Kaboré is a surprise.

Hello and welcome to this game

This Coupe de France weekend begins with quite a shock: OM, third in Ligue 1 and on a famous streak of victories against Rennes, most recently goalscorer at PSG last Sunday night. The two coaches also sent each other flowers at a press conference on Thursday.

A match that will be played without Mandanda, the symbolic goalkeeper of OM moved to Rennes but suffering from muscle pain.

On OM’s side, we want to play the Coupe de France thoroughly after a big disappointment the previous season.

Kick-off at 21:10, the line-ups will be known around 20:00. The match is broadcast on BeIN Sport and France 3. Also followed on the radio on the RMC antenna and of course commented live on the RMC Sport website and app.

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