LIVE – OM-Lorient: Marseille topple Hakes and continue their winning streak

It is over ! OM victory against Lorient

Despite falling behind, Marseille managed to continue their Ligue 1 winning streak thanks to Kolasinac, Sanchez and Veretout. Olympians follow the pace in Lens and take the lead at Rennes, 4.

Ballet on the field

The OM defender is very well placed to meet Ouattara’s strike, which appeared to be heading for the frame.

three more minutes

There will be three more minutes in this second period. OM is slowly on its way to a precious success against Lorient.

The fairy backs off

The Lorient midfielder makes way for striker Ibrahima Koné in the final minutes of the match.

Payet’s juggling series

Dimitri Payet is hot on the crossbar by Guendouzi. He performs a series of juggles after his control and returns to Ünder, who resumes the volley. The latter ends up in the stands of the velodrome.

Aouchiche’s strike is safe

Adil Aouchiche takes his chance from distance, but his line doesn’t worry Pau Lopez, who grabs it without the slightest problem.

Bamba Dieng already in action

He could have scored on his first ball! Bamba Dieng is served by Guendouzi after a high recovery, but the Senegalese falls to a good Vito Mannone.

A double change for OM

Bamba Dieng and Pape Gueye replace Alexis Sanchez and Jordan Veretout, OM’s last two scorers in this game.

Abergel must give way

Visibly affected, Laurent Abergel will make way for former Parisian Adil Aouchiche in the last 20 minutes.

Double change for OM

Igor Tudor makes a double change with Kaboré and Payet coming on for Kolasinac and Malinovskyi.

Very good defensive return from Ünder

Cengiz Ünder produced an excellent defensive return at the feet of Le Goff, who had suggested an appeal.

Le Bris takes a shot

The Lorient coach tries a strike with the exit of Ponceau replaced by Innocent. The fairy will definitely step it up a notch.

Malinovskyi misses the target

What an opportunity for OM and Ruslan Malinovskyi. The Ukrainian takes a ball with his right foot which returns to his feet but he misses the target.

Mannone goes down on the ball

Matteo Guendouzi pierces Lorient’s defensive curtain and crosses, but Vito Mannone lays down well on the ball, which was heading towards Sanchez at the far post.

Pau Lopez is on duty

On this somewhat soft ball, Pau Lopez comes out and tackles the feet of Abergel, who was sneaking.

Veretout gives OM a break!

Jordan Veretout gives OM a two-goal lead on a deflected shot by Kalulu that deceives Mannone. The embers have been beaten.

What a goal from Sanchez!

Alexis Sanchez gives OM the advantage with a classic sequence. The Chilean controls a cross from Kolasinac before hitting Mannone’s post, who heads the ball home.

Ünder is warned

The first warning of the match is for Cengiz Ünder, who interrupted a counter from Lorient led by Cathline.

Ünder turns to another good center

As in the first period, Cengiz Ünder makes a good cross, but Samuel Gigot is guilty with one hand.

It’s back to the Velodrome!

Bastien Dechepy starts this second act between OM and Lorient! Marseille came back to Hakes and could have passed in the final minutes of the first period.

It’s half time! 1-1 between OM and Lorient

After 45 minutes, OM responded well to Lorient’s opener and even almost took the lead before returning to the dressing room.

one more minute

The fourth official announces that the extra time will be one minute in this first period.

What a stop from Mannone

Veretout gets back on the right foot and rolls up, but Mannone flies away and saves his team with an exceptional tap.

The fairy misses her shot

On a quick counter by Les Merlus, Ouattara finds Le Fée behind. The Lorient midfielder misses his shot, which ends up in Lopez’s gloves.

The bar saves Lorient!

What a huge double opportunity for OM! Malinovskyi finds Gigot at the far post from a corner, but the OM defender finds the crossbar. The ball returns to Mbemba who takes over with a header but the Lorient defense push back on his line.

Kolasinac equalizes with a header!

Cengiz Ünder gets a superb cross from the left wing on Sead Kolasinac, who cuts with a header in front of Mannone. OM is back.

The Fairy Festival

Enzo Le Fée infiltrates the opposite area and strikes, but it’s for the cross.

Lorient can hurt

That has been a leitmotif since the start of this fight. Hake are dangerous on the counter and the Olympians seem to be caught in defensive transitions.

Balerdi’s center is on the run

Balerdi realizes a runaway center that no one can take back. The ball ends up outside the goal.

Moffi pierces the cages!

What a powerful recovery from Terem Moffi, who punishes Marseillais on the first attack from Lorient. The cobblers take the advantage.

Waste in the Marseille game

After a technically clean start to the match, the Olympians lowered their foot and achieved fewer things, such as this missed pass from Rongier.

Lorient is better

After 20 difficult minutes for Lorient, who were cornered in their cages, Hakes look to get back on their feet with several phases of possession.

The fairy is back

Enzo Le Fée is back on the grass at the Vélodrome after taking a few minutes to regain his senses. The Lorient midfielder had a sprained ankle.

The fairy is with the healers

After a mistake from Malinovskyi, Enzo Le Fée remains on the ground and appears to be complaining about his ankle. The nursing staff intervenes.

Moffi takes the ball badly

A quickly played touch brings Terem Moffi into the penalty area but fails to take the ball correctly.

84% possession

OM’s dominance is particularly reflected in this number. Olympians have 84% of the ball as the end of the first quarter approaches.

What a sequence by Mbemba

Chancel Mbemba had dashed into the opposite area and inherited the ball. The Marseille defender continues as a striker, but his recovery is too far removed.

The embers are in a corner

Since the start of the meeting, Lorient has only existed defensively and has been drawn into its own cages.

Mannone’s decisive save!

Kolasinac finds Ünder in the center. The Turk takes over in the first attempt with a header, but Mannone makes an exceptional save.

Under light the first wick

Cengiz Ünder is served back on a corner from Malinovskyi and fires a cross that ends up in Mannone’s gloves.

OM already has the ball

Marseillais kicked off and still have the ball after two minutes of play.

Let’s go to the Velodrome!

After the fictitious kickoff given by Marseille rapper Jul, the real kickoff is whistled by the referee of the match. So it started between OM and Lorient.

Christmas is present at the Velodrome

The Marseille rapper is present on the pitch at the Vélodrome to celebrate his label’s partnership with the club. The logo will be present on the sleeves of the Olympians’ jerseys. He will then give the fictional kickoff of the meeting.

A quarter of an hour’s patience before kick-off

The start of this meeting between OM and Lorient was to be given in 15 minutes now.

Lorient on a big series outside

If OM is in very good form with 5 successes in a row in the championship, Hakes is not left out with 6 matches in a row away from home without defeat (4v, 2d).

Pau Lopez on his way to a new clean sheet?

Since his arrival in Ligue 1, Pau Lopez has played 16 games without conceding a single goal. Only Alexander Nübel does better with 17.

The Lorient composition with Moffi at the helm

No particular surprise in the eleven composed by Régis Le Bris for this trip to the Vélodrome: Mannone – Kalulu, Matsima, Talbi, Le Goff – Abergel, Ponceau – Ouattara, Le Fée, Cathline – Moffi.

The composition of OM with Malinovskyi holder

Igor Tudor launched Malinovskyi into the deep end by setting him up for his first match at the Vélodrome. Here are the eleven Olympians: Lopez – Mbemba, Gigot, Balerdi – Under, Rongier, Veretout, Kolasinac – Malinovskyi, Guendouzi – Sanchez.

Marseillais arrived at the stadium

Barely an hour from the start of the match, Marseillais and the latest rookie Ruslan Malinovskyi arrived at the Stade Vélodrome.

The Lorient Group

With Terem Moffi, who may live one of his last matches in the Lorient shirt, since he is announced in Nice’s sights.

OM slightly diminished

If Marseille can count on Merlus on its latest recruit, Ruslan Malinovskyi, it will be deprived of Jonathan Clauss, as Igor Tudor announced at a press conference on Friday, while Dimitri Payet is uncertain.

Eric Bailly will serve a second match ban following his red card against Hyères in the Coupe de France. However, the defender is still not firm on his final sanction.

Hi every one

Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to OM-Lorient, the match of the 19th day of Ligue 1.

In third place behind PSG and Lens, OM remain on five consecutive wins in the league and want to continue against an attractive Breton side. Kick off at 7pm!

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