live camera mode is here, but under certain conditions

Tesla is starting to deploy a brand new Sentinel mode feature: the ability to monitor your electric vehicle live, directly from your phone. But two small conditions must be met to benefit from it.

In mid-October, the source code of the latest update to the Tesla application highlighted a new feature to come: that of being able to access, thanks to activated Sentinel mode, the cameras of your electric vehicle, live and from your smartphones. A good way to find out if a smart guy wants to hurt your baby.

The Sentinel mode is enriched

Now the Californian manufacturer is starting to deploy this function, as noted by the site Teslarati. The latest software update, the 2021.36.8, is accompanied by a note which presents the thing:

You can now remotely view the surroundings of your car when it’s parked, to make sure it’s safe before you find it again. The Live Camera feature is end-to-end encrypted and Tesla does not have access to it. To turn it on or off, tap Controls > Safety and Security.

As a reminder, until then, the Sentinel mode only made it possible to record the surroundings of your car when a suspicious movement was detected. It was then possible to watch the recordings from the integrated viewer or remove the USB storage medium. A good way to solve acts of theft or vandalism.

Tesla Supercharger
Source: Blomst via Pixabay

Live Camera mode is not available to everyone, however. Indeed, two conditions must be met in order to be able to taste it. To start, it is necessary to have an iOS smartphone and the Tesla mobile application in version 4.2.1. Then, being a subscriber to Premium Connectivity is also one of the prerequisites.

Premium connectivity: what advantages for what price?

This Premium Connectivity is billed at 9.99 euros in the form of a monthly flat rate: it gives you access to traffic visualization in real time, maps with satellite view, video streaming, karaoke mode, music streaming and internet browsing.

It is unclear whether Tesla initially favors the United States or all markets. Undoubtedly, Android smartphones will also be entitled to it in the relatively near future.

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