LIVE – ABOUT: Tudor reacts to Bailly’s suspension… and announces Clauss’ package

That’s the end of that Tudor and Balerdi press conference

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Tudor about the good dynamics in OM

“I always work in the same way, in a strong way, and always push the players. When you are in a good dynamic, there is necessarily less nervousness. But the only thing that is important for me is to look forward.”

Tudor announces Clauss’ withdrawal from Rennes

“Clauss is not in the squad yet, he is not ready to play yet.”

Tudor on tomorrow’s composition against Rennes

“There will be few changes from the last games.”

Tudor on the first confrontation against Rennes in the league

“It’s a very strong team. It’s a good challenge for us to see where we are. A lot of things have happened since that game.”

Is OM physically superior to their opponents?

Tudor: “It’s only one component. The important thing is to be better than our opponents in all aspects in general.”

A third place in Ligue 1 or a title in the Coupe de France?

Tudor: “It’s a tough question, a question that surprises me a bit. It’s not something I like to think about. I don’t look at the rankings. Both would be important.”

Does OM work on penalties?

Tudor: “We want to win in 90 minutes. We have very good shots on goal scorers, I don’t think we are worse.”

Tudor on Bailly’s seven-match ban

“It’s a bit exaggerated but it’s the decision that was made, we have to accept it. We have the resources to replace him, after tomorrow’s game we will have more than four games without him.”

It’s Igor Tudor’s turn

The Croatian coach has just arrived in the press room.

Balerdi about his progress

“I feel better, I have more confidence, that’s the basis of every player. I’m trying to improve constantly. I can still improve offensively, I still have a bit to learn.”

Balerdi on par with Rennes

“We had a good game in the league, we felt we could win the game. It was the start of the season, we are stronger and better prepared. But they have very good players.”

Balerdi about Bailly’s suspension

“It’s a decision you have to accept. I’m convinced Eric didn’t want to hurt him. The priority is for the injured player to be discharged from hospital and get better.”

Balerdi on Tudor claims

“You realize how physical Tudor football is. Sometimes the sessions are really very difficult, he pushes us to our limits. But it gives us an edge in games.”

Balerdi about the fervor of the followers

“The OM supporters are surprising, no matter where we go, no matter the competition, there are people who follow us. The supporters make the difference, they push us through difficult times.”

Balerdi on OM’s ambitions in this Coupe de France

“We try to think game by game. Rennes will be a very tough game, we have to be well concentrated. We have the tools to go all the way. We are still confident, we know our strengths.”

Balerdi on Malinovskyi

“From the first day we saw that he was a very pleasant and very professional person. We have to integrate him well. He is already playing very well, we are trying to get to know the city a little more, the club.”

Balerdi about fan support

“It is wonderful to have demonstrations of love. It warms the heart. To see one’s own flag in a foreign country is something pleasant.”

Balerdi about his desire to stay with OM

“There have been contacts, but I want to stay because I feel good here, I want continuity. I thank Ajax for knocking on the door, but out of respect for the club, for my teammates, it is good to stay here.”

Balerdi about the absence of Nuno Tavares and Clauss

“Claus and Nuno are very important. But the others have also always developed well in their role. Everyone has to adapt to the others’ qualities.”

Balerdi on the good offensive statistics for OM defenders

“The defenders score a lot of goals, it’s good for the team, that’s what the manager demands. I might be the one who scored the fewest goals, but I try to participate in the attack.”

Balerdi: “It’s a small final”

“We can dream of big things. They are a difficult opponent, it is a small final because Rennes are a fantastic team. But we are in a good period.”

Let’s go to this press conference

Leonardo Balerdi is the first to appear before the journalists.

Tudor and Balerdi press conference from

The OM coach and defender are expected in front of the media in a few moments.

Mandanda package for the trip to Marseille

Steve Mandanda is unable to keep his place in the goals in the Stade Rennais against OM this Friday in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, Bruno Genesio said at a press conference. The goalkeeper is suffering from muscle pain.

Bailly suspended 7 games? Pablo Longoria not warned and very angry

OM has not been informed of the sanction for Bailly and hopes he will not be suspended for 7 matches. Provence announces this afternoon that Bailly will be suspended for 7 matches. At the time of writing, the Olympic Club is not aware of this sanction and has not received any judgment from the FFF.

The Marseille club are also very angry and upset that this figure is thus released. Together with RMC Sport, Pablo Longoria said that he was “very surprised by this sanction”: “If our player is really suspended for 7 games, it would be very serious above all if some people leaked this decision to the press without even concern that” After notifying the sanction and warning the club concerned. It’s a lack of respect.”

According to our information, the Olympic club feared a significant sanction but did not believe it could reach 7 games because there was no intent on Bailly’s part.

F. Germain

Very harsh sanction against Bailly who takes a 7 fixed match ban

According to ProvenceThe Disciplinary Committee of the French Football Federation has decided to impose a seven-match ban on Eric Bailly.

The defender had received a red card for his very violent exit on Almike Moussa N’Diaye during the 32nd final of the Coupe de France between OM and Hyères. N’Diaye had been admitted to intensive care. Bailly, who had visited him in hospital, has already served a two-game suspension in Ligue 1.

OM hopes to reach an attendance of 60,000 people for Marseille-Rennes

With attractive prices – since the price of tickets started at 6 euros – OM succeeds in their bid to fill the Vélodrome well for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France this Friday against Rennes.

So far, 51,000 tickets have been sold. The Olympic Club believes that the total attendance will be between 55,000 and 60,000 spectators. Quite an impressive crowd, on a night in January, for a round of 16, although the poster against Rennes beckons and OM have made this Coupe de France a real goal.

Another proof that this OM by Igor Tudor is seducing the followers. Indeed, these figures are in line with the capacity this season of the Vélodrome, which is sold out in every match in Ligue 1.

F. Germain

All the posters from the Round of 16

OM (L1) – Stade Rennais (L1)

Stade Plabennecois (National) – Grenoble Foot 38 (L2)

FC Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2)

Niort (L2) – AJ Auxerre (L1)

LOSC (L1) – Pau FC (L2)

Chambery (N3) – Olympique (L1)

FC Olympique Strasbourg Koenigshoffen 06 (R1) – Angers SCO (L1)

Thaon Football (N3) – FC Nantes (L1)

SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1)

Le Puy (N1) – Vierzon FC (N2)

Kassel (R1) – PSG (L1)

Stade Brestois (L1) – RC Lens (L1)

Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims Stadium (L1)

ASM Belfort (N2) – FC Annecy (L2)

Toulouse FC (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1)

Coupe de France weekend that begins with a shock OM-Rennes

No Ligue 1 on the program this weekend, but the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, which begins on Friday. And it’s off to a strong start as it’s a 100% Ligue 1 clash which will be played at 21:10 at the Vélodrome, with OM hosting Rennes.

Two teams in the fight for European places in the championship. Marseille are currently third, five points behind PSG (leaders) and two lengths behind Lens. Stade Rennais, for its part, came off a win against Paris at Roazhon Park on Sunday.

All information about OM-Rennes, press conferences and statements can be found at RMC Sport.

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