Lionel Charbonnier puts out the fire between the 98 champions

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As statements from the 98 champions have poured in since the controversial remarks by Noël Le Graët against Zinédine Zidane, Lionel Charbonnier has spoken out to try to quell the fire. Guest on the show The root turns on on RMCassured the former Blues porter (1 selection) that no animosity existed between Didier Deschamps and any other world champion.

“I didn’t hear any sensational statement between players from 1998. Dugarry and Deschamps? Yes, but they were talking to each other. Zidane and Deschamps? I would like to put things in context. France 98 was born from very intelligent players, individually and collectively. Everyone had their ego in 1998, but collective intelligence took over. France 98 gradually withered, some retired more or less quickly, some became coaches, others agents… Some took other currents. But they all remain my friends.he said before adding: “Why is Deschamps not in the regular WhatsApp in France 98? I don’t need to explain it. Manu (Petit), he has a different sensibility. The 1998 world champions were also due to meet for a dinner in the coming weeks. To see how many answer the call.

Zinedine Zidane will not react immediately to Noël Le Graët

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