Linxea and Suravenir launch an SCPI with no entry fees

A symbolic 0%. Low fees are the hallmark of online savings products. However, the SCPI model requires high subscription fees. The insurer Suravenir and the broker Linxea announce the launch of the SCPI Remake Live, whose entry fees are smoothed over time, a more virtuous system for the saver according to the broker.

When you invest directly in an SCPI, you pay subscription fees which most often exceed 10%. Expenses which are justified by the model of the SCPI, a real estate fund which requires the payment of notary fees, transfer duties, prospecting fees, etc. When you bet on the SCPI via life insurance, the insurer – as a large buyer of shares – negotiates these costs downwards, sometimes lowering them to 5%, 4% or even 3%. Advantageous… but don’t forget that you also pay the insurer’s management fees.

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Faced with this thorny issue of costs, the online broker Linxea and its insurance partner Suravenir (subsidiary of Crdit Mutuel Arka) announce the launch in preview at Linxea of ​​the SCPI Remake Live.

These costs are smoothed over time

Its particularity? Fees between 0%. A feat that does not mean total absence of costs. These costs are smoothed over time, a virtuous model for savers, states the press release from Suravenir and Linxea. The recipe: The SCPI Remake Live does not include a subscription commission in return for a management commission of 18% including tax (15% excluding tax) per year for rental products [les loyers, NDLR], warns the sheet of the real estate fund, labeled SRI. The brochure explains that this represents 1.16% of fees levied each year on the net assets of the SCPI.

The strategy displayed for the management of this SCPI: By investing in the peri-urban areas of the major cities of France and Europe, the SCPI hopes to achieve a performance of 5.50% per year (target distribution rate) and a rate of return internal growth of 5.9% over 10 years.

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