Like Apple, Tesla plans to stop providing a default charger

This is a common point between Apple and Tesla that we never imagined. The exclusively electric manufacturer plans to remove the mobile charger in all its cars, it will then have to be purchased separately to use it. A decision limited for the moment in the United States, but which should be global and which evokes the removal of the charger from the boxes of iPhone, even if the two situations remain quite different.

The Tesla mobile charger, which comes with the car, is our primary method of charging our Model 3.

The mobile charger is one of the accessories that was previously supplied with all Tesla cars and allows them to be charged from a standard socket. In France, it can be used on standard “Schuko” sockets up to 8 A and even up to 13 A on reinforced sockets specific to electric vehicles. It’s a slow charge, which takes more than 24 hours to fully fill an entry-level Model 3, but it can be enough if you don’t drive a lot.

The car also comes with a T2 cable, which this time is used on all charging stations at home, at work and in public areas. For charging at home, Tesla recommends its own terminal which incorporates a cable and which allows faster charging, up to 11 kW for a Model 3 like a Model Y. If you are lost with all these methods and values, j ‘ve published a full article on charging a Tesla.

Six months in Tesla: a big battery to recharge

Six months in Tesla: a big battery to recharge

By removing the default mobile charger, Tesla is not preventing customers from charging their cars, of course. This is moreover the argument brought by Elon Musk, who suggests that this solution was used very little and that these statistics prove that providing the device with every car was a waste. This is part of the information that the manufacturer collects remotely and even if other services that collect this same data based on the Tesla API give very different numbersit can be assumed that globally the mobile charger was indeed little used.

Even so, its withdrawal looks like a discreet price increase, even if we are talking about an accessory at 400 €, compared to the 48,000 € requested by a Tesla at least. Like Apple, moreover, if the manufacturer had been serious about the ecological argument, it would have offered the charger free of charge when ordering or would have left the choice between the accessory and an equivalent credit on the network of superchargers, for example. Note, however, that a price drop is planned in the United States and probably in the rest of the world.

Our car charging in a lost place in the middle of the Marais poitevin: a mobile charger brings invaluable flexibility to an electric car.

Even so, the possibility of charging your car on any outlet is an undeniable advantage of electric vehicles and it is a shame to deprive future customers of it. Even with a terminal dedicated to the home, knowing that you can charge anywhere, including in the family or in a cottage where you stay a few days, is an undeniable comfort and also a reassuring security.

Nevertheless, Tesla will not be the first manufacturer to no longer deliver mobile chargers with its cars, far from it, and this will undoubtedly become more and more the norm. It should also be noted that any mobile car charger can do the trick, with models sold at a lower price than that of Tesla at present.


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