Life insurance: which units of account should you choose to earn 5% over time?

SCPI, structured funds, delegated management: there is no shortage of solutions to boost your life insurance contract in an inflationary context. Discover the winning strategy called “60-40”.

According to forecasts by Le Revenu, contracts awarded by the editorial staff should yield 1.7% on average in 2022. This is more than the market (+ 1.3% anticipated by Le Revenu) but not satisfactory for all that.

Reminder. If you invest at 1%, you need 72 years to double your capital against 15 years at 5%. To reach the magic number of 5%, there is no shortage of solutions: SCPIs, structured funds, delegated management, etc.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Le Revenu recommends that you manage your contract yourself by following the advice of the editorial staff.

Le Revenu’s 60 – 40 strategy (60% funds in euros and 40% units of account invested in international equities) is well suited to the current context, which is both inflationary and uncertain on the stock market.

Discover in our video, how to earn 5% per year over time.

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