Life insurance: the right decisions to make in 2022

Consider diversifying into unsecured funds

The share of payments allocated to units of account, these funds often placed on the stock market, continues to climb. It must be said that insurers limit subscriptions to the guaranteed fund in euros.

Source: France insurers

Limit costs by favoring “clean share” funds

The managers of these funds undertake not to retrocede commission to the sellers or to the insurer of the contract. Result: an average fee saving of 1.17 points per year on equity funds, or 1 point on flexible funds. Enough to boost the long-term performance of life insurance.

Source: Goodvalueformoney

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Wait for the return of gains in reserve on bank contracts

Source: Goodvalueformoney

Study an internal transfer of your old contracts

“Pact” transfers are accelerating: they make it possible to switch to a more modern contract from the same insurer, without loss of tax precedence for the saver.

Source: France insurers

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