Life insurance and SCPI: Is it really (so) profitable? Here’s what you need to know!

Unlike a mono-support life insurance; less risky and therefore less profitable; an investor can choose a multi-support contract, with possible investment in real estate investment companies (SCPI). Is it a good idea ?

An increasingly controlled risk:

  • Unlike an investment in the stock market which, as such, involves investing in instruments with very high volatility such as shares, an SCPI offers to buy shares in real estate assets. The field of real estatealways is considered relatively safeeven if it is always necessary to keep in mind that each financial investment can represent a potential risk, if it is not of loss, in any case, of absence of gain.
  • Buying shares in several buildings and especially in different regions of France, or even European countries (depending on what the SCPIs of the life insurance contract offer) is another way of pool risks.

Combine the advantages of life insurance and SCPI in a single contract:

  • The taxationamong others, is interesting in a life insurance policy, which explains its success with savers.
  • Choosing a multi-media contract with an investment in SCPI gives hope an attractive rate of returnwhile benefiting from the purchase of shares at a discounted price.
  • According to SCPIs, the annual rate of return can oscillate between 3 to 6%.

The weak points of investment in SCPI via a life insurance contract:

However, it should be noted that this product does not only have advantages.

  • The saver, by passing through this means, does not cannot benefit from the income generated by the SCPI (generally every quarter) because the money is blocked on the life insurance contract for a few years.
  • It is therefore necessary to consider this contract as a classic life insurance, that is to say in the medium or long term.
  • The investor further cannot buy shares directly and therefore choose the SCPI which seems to him the most interesting, but take those of the insurer’s contract.
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