Life insurance, a privileged tool for transmitting one’s heritage

The transmission of wealth is above all a matter of trust. That of knowing that we will leave something to our children or grandchildren. That of knowing that everything is organized so that they can benefit from it in the best possible conditions. But also confidence in the means used to achieve these ends.

The theme of successions returns to each presidential election, as an imposed figure in the program of candidates. Anxious not to offend voters, many candidates have refrained from proposing a hardening of inheritance tax – except, some on the left, on large estates. And even less to go back on the advantageous plan of life insurance in terms of transmission. With more than 1,850 billion euros placed by the French on life insurance contracts at the end of 2021, it is difficult to win popular support with such an idea…

The popularity of life insurance can be explained by many factors, including its interest in

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