Léocare Assurance relies on training to diversify its recruitments

A newcomer to the insurance sector, Léocare has teamed up with École 301 and Pôle emploi to train people who are out of work to become customer advisers. With this work-study program, the young company based in Rennes intends to diversify its recruitments and accelerate its growth.

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By Estelle Durand – April 20, 2022.

At the beginning of May, a dozen people will join the 301 School, which specializes in digital technology, to train in the profession of customer advisor with the prospect of employment within Léocare, a young company in the insurance sector. This startup, which places digital technology at the heart of its activities, relies on training to expand its teams and support its development. A rapidly growing workforce Created in 2017, the company which is among the 120 most successful French startups in 2022 [[Promotion 2022 du programme FrenchTech Next 40/120]]currently employs 90 people. Staff expected to reach…

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