LED technology, an effective way to reduce energy consumption

Reducing your electricity bill thanks to new technologies such as LEDs is possible. Alexandre Soulier founding director of the Aude company Meodex testifies.

“The LED (Iight emitting diodes or light-emitting diodes, Ed) is an innovative technology to be integrated into new technical investments requiring lighting. LED lighting has several advantages over so-called conventional lighting, explains Alexandre Soulier founding director of Meodex, a company dedicated to the led industry based to Mediterranean Innovation Park (PMI) of Narbonne. This lighting technology is 6 times less energy consuming. It is also less costly in terms of maintenance. The lifespan of an LED is 4 to 5 times longer than conventional technologyin the “.
The activity of Meodex (design office, prototyping, mass production) consists of to help designers and manufacturers of light-emitting devices to raise the challenge the integration of LED technology. We work ”tailor-made” for many sectors of activity such as aeronautics, medicine, horticulture…, says the leader. We are currently prototyping a project that will see the light of day by 2025, proof of this is that this technology, which we have been developing for more than ten years, is particularly suitable for renovation projects”.

With around ten employees, Meodex is developing both nationally and internationally (80 countries: Europe, United States, Canada, Maghreb, Asia, etc.).

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