Leboncoin offers banks and insurance companies to share their data thanks to a ‘Data Clean Room’

The ‘Data Clean Room’ appear to be the future of digital advertising faced with the gradual disappearance of third-party cookies. The Leboncoin site, which markets advertising on its web platform and on its app, relies on this ‘Data Clean Room’ technology in order to attract customers from insurance and banking advertisers, who have so far refused to share their first party customer data with Leboncoin.

Leboncoin faces the refusal of banks and insurers to share their first party data

Leboncoin offers banks and insurance companies to share their data through a ‘Data Clean Room. ” So far we have received a ‘no go’ from the DPOs [Data Protection Officer] in banking and insurance “As we recognize on the side of the advertising department of Leboncoin. However, the site absolutely wishes to develop in these sectors of activity. The powerful classifieds site relies on a trusted third party and Data Clean Room solution developed by the American LiveRaùmp. It should change the game and allow the sharing of ‘first party’ information on customers without breaking data confidentiality.

Leboncoin relies on this offer, of which we find an illustration of its impact with a client like men’s fashion brand Jules who belongs to the Mulliez galaxy and is managed in a global framework with the other brands of the group (Bizzbee, Pimkie, Orsay, Rouge Gorge and Grain de Malice). The sharing device makes it possible to better identify the profiles and areas of interest of the advertiser’s customers and prospects. The use of CRM data – its first party data – from the advertiser makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns carried out on the Leboncoin site. Liveramp took two years to develop the first party data sharing platform with Leboncoin.

Data sharing reduces acquisition and retention costs

Results ? After two years of collaboration with the Jules brand, the click rate on the brand’s banners has been multiplied by two, the cost of acquiring a new customer has been reduced by -29% and the cost of loyalty has been reduced by -51%. Profile analysis showed that Jules’s clientele is attracted to gardening, automotive and home topics.

Leboncoin is among the Top 10 French websites in terms of audience volume. Leboncoin claims 29.5 million unique visitors per month. In terms of customer knowledge, the site manages 50 million profiles categorized according to 1,500 segmentation criteria. Its technology partner LiveRamp announces that it identifies 85% of French households and can activate 25 million people online. In order to develop its Data Collaboration platform, and first party data sharing in the Cloud, LiveRamp has acquired the company Datafleets in February 2021.

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