Launch of the new NFT DRM technology

With the partnership of OpenTheta, the new Theta NFT DRM technology was launched on May 9th. This launch unlocked a video session with OpenTheta and Theta Labs, to explain the different mechanisms to understand. This launch also coincides with the launch of the new OpenTheta platform.

Introducing NFT DRM

OpenTheta NFTs go on sale during May 9

The period of mint OpenTheta NFTs started on May 9 and lasted 24 hours. Then NFTs can be used to unlock and watch the stream on OpenTheta. For those who want to watch the video later, it will still be possible to trade NFTs on the platform. Those with NFTs will still have access.

During the 24 hours, the nominal value of an OpenTheta NFT is 1 TFUEL. This value was chosen to be within everyone’s reach. The goal is to give free access to the question-answer video on NFT DRM, in partnership with OpenTheta. It is also an opportunity to best promote the new platform.

NFT DRM, a new technology for content creators

With the launch of the new OpenTheta platform, there is also the new NFT DRM technology. These two parties materialize their first partnership during the launch of OpenTheta’s NFTs.

NFT DRM is a technology that benefits content creators. Indeed, it allows them to directly manage their own content distribution. It should be noted that the DRM or Digital Rights Management encompasses the techniques used for the security of the conditions of access to content. With this in mind, you will have verifiable and irrevocable on-chain access that comes in the form of an immutable NFT. In this way, an additional layer of security is assigned to the contents of the creators. Only the owners of the NFTs can have access to the content. This really differs from classic DRM, where the content writer has the right to arbitrarily revoke your access.

Brief overview of the new OpenTheta platform

OpenTheta is an independent and public marketplace that is available on the Theta blockchain. It was recently launched, and is also cooperating with Theta Labs for the launch of NFT DRM. This new marketplace offers you many options:

  • Connecting your Metamask wallet with OpenTheta
  • Purchasing NFTs from Creators
  • Sale of NFTs
  • mint by NFT

OpenTheta is still in its launch phase, and the website officially went online on May 9th.


Over the past few weeks, the Theta blockchain has continued to make new improvements to its platform. Although it does not fully compete with the big leaders in this field, it is gradually setting itself apart. OpenTheta and NFT DRM technology mark a big step towards the evolution of this ecosystem. All that remains is to see the participation of members over the long term.

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