Kiki Lowatt, proud owner of a Tesla!

Kiki Lowatt, a convinced user of electricity, and Tesla ownercame to praise the merits of his car, and give his tips and tricks for easily recharging this essential vehicle, according to him, in the future.

Environmental issues are pushing more and more Belgians to invest in an electric car to reduce their carbon footprint. Is this THE good idea to act for the planet? Are the charging stations still accessible?

Kiki Lowatt came to talk about his daily life as an electric user. For him, no doubt, his You’re hereit is a wonder !

It does not pollute, and he uses it when he wants… Except when it rains because the windscreen wipers discharge the battery… Except when it’s cold, because the heating discharges the battery… Except when it’s too hot, because the air conditioning drains the battery… Except when it doesn’t know the way, because the GPS drains the battery… Except when it has to turn right, because the turn signal drains the battery…

Also be careful not to ride with gloves, because of the steering wheel with digital recognition. You should also avoid wearing a hat, since the mirror is facial recognition… As for the vehicle unlocking system, it is voice recognition. So voice suppression is not recommended.

In short, driving a Tesla is great!

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