Kenyans Dennis Onkangi and Purity Gakuo combine technology and finance to reduce fishing losses

(Ecofin Agency) – For many fishermen in Mombasa, Kenya, a third of the production is lost because they cannot keep it cool. Tekizo Africa has made solving this problem an entrepreneurial objective.

According to official statistics in Kenya, about a third of fish products are lost due to the lack of a centralized cold storage system. Even when cold chain infrastructure and electricity are available, subscription fees and monthly bills are far too high for the average income of fishermen.

Tekizo Africa, a company based in the port city of Mombasa in Kenya, is offering to solve the problem with the ‘Kuza freezer’, a solar-powered freezer. Once its battery is charged, it can last 24 hours according to Dennis Onkangi Onkundi and Purity Gakuo, the promoters. For the financial aspect, the company has developed a leasing application called Tekizo App.

The fisherman who needs a refrigerator can deposit an advance representing 20% ​​of the price. The remainder is settled on a daily basis for a period of up to 15 months.

On the company’s facebook page, many testify to the effectiveness of this solution. Tekizo Africa will however have to improve two aspects to remain competitive. First the size of the freezers which have a maximum capacity of 100 litres, which is quite modest. Then, during the cold seasons, the lack of sun which prevents them from being fully used.

Tekizo Africa also faces competition from other companies with similar services and greater custody capabilities. In the meantime, the company has won a prize awarded as part of the Awareness Caravan on the African Continental Free Trade Area. She was also a finalist for the Africa Innovation Fellowship (AIF), and successfully participated in several other innovation competitions.

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