KBC Autolease zaps Teslas

Written by Olivier Duquesne on

Tesla is no longer part of KBC Autolease’s operational leasing offer. This decision follows the manufacturer’s new ordering policy. The latter reserves the right to increase the price upon delivery.

Summary :

In the context of operational leasing, budgets are optimized and the contract between the leasing company and its client includes all the specific elements of this type of financing, including the ATN and the residual value. However, with the new delivery times and market fluctuations, Tesla has decided to reserve the right to increase the sale price on delivery if the delay is 6 months or more after the order. A situation that KBC Autolease refuses, which has not signed the renewal of the contract, because it could impact its customers.

Line management

Tesla is therefore removed from the operational leasing catalog of this company. Indeed, by modifying the delivery price, the manufacturer will impose a new calculation of the leasing rent. However, the customer and the end user could feel aggrieved. They would then be faced with a dilemma: accept the new, more expensive rental coming out of the initial budget (also with a higher ATN for the beneficiary of the company car) or change vehicle with certainly a new waiting period of several months given manufacturers’ delivery difficulties. KBC Autolease does not definitively close the door to Tesla. Negotiations are said to be underway to find a solution for pricing clarity as soon as the order is taken.

Snowball effect

Tesla’s decision is a precedent that could have market consequences. The manufacturer has notified each customer of this new contractual clause, giving them the option of canceling the purchase within 5 days. For leasing companies, it is more complex, because the budgets are often predefined and the rent calculated according to the prices at the order. Each increase changes the offer. If other manufacturers were to take a similar decision, rental companies would be faced with an unprecedented and delicate situation. The only possible way would then be political by adopting a new tax scheme to deal with new practices such as invoicing for delivery or a higher final price than when ordering.

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