Israel: 62% Of Social Benefits Paid To Bedouins Are Illegal (National Insurance Institute)

Some Bedouin women who moved to the West Bank continue to receive social assistance from Israel

According to a report by the National Insurance Institute in Israel, 62% of social security benefits for Bedouins in the Negev are paid illegally, following claimants’ fraud, the newspaper reports Globes.

These data were presented to the Forum of Directors of Government Ministries, chaired by Minister Meir Cohen.

It should be noted that according to Institute data, non-Jewish residents of the Negev receive more than 11% of the total income support benefits paid by the National Insurance Institute to all residents of the state of ‘Israel.

The monthly income from income support payments, unemployment benefits and family allowances for Bedouin residents of the Negev is 544 million shekels (152 million euros) per year, or 2.3 times the national average.

The Forum mainly discussed benefit payments for children who do not live in Israel, but in Palestinian Authority territories.

This issue was already addressed in the State Comptroller’s report in August 2021, indicating that some Bedouin women residing in Israel who moved to the West Bank continue to receive a stipend from the National Insurance Institute.

The State Comptroller noted that due to lack of adequate resources, it is unable to carry out proper investigations and checks. The lack of control also allows the phenomenon of polygamy to be exploited with the aim of illegally collecting benefits.

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