Is the Tesla Model 3 good to throw away after 300,000 km?

Well no, not at all. The balance after such a mileage is even very positive and the battery would only lose 13% of its initial capacity.

The Tesla Model 3 has been on the market since 2018 (and 2019 on our market). We are therefore starting to have a little perspective on the reliability and durability of the most affordable model in the entire range of the Californian manufacturer, the one that allowed Tesla to finally become profitable.

The video below shows the feedback from an American owner whose vehicle now displays some 200,000 miles on the odometer, i.e. more than 320,000 kilometers (ie more than most automobiles during their career). And the balance sheet it draws up seems clearly positive. He experimented some reliability issues such as charging socket flap failure, problems with buttons inside the car and wiring in the trunk. Over the entire distance, he has changed tires six times and will have spent $12,000 fast charging in Tesla Network Superchargers. But he reports no serious mechanical problem and the battery of his Tesla retains 87% of its initial capacity despite this very high mileage.

Real savings?

In total, the owner will have spent $27,000 on electricity and maintenance costs. He estimates that he saved about $30,000 (€27,000) compared to the costs of using a similar thermal vehicle and thus considers that he has made an excellent investment. He specifies that he would consider the purchase of a thermal vehicle as a “return to the past”. An opinion that is completely different from that of this other owner of Tesla, very virulent with regard to electrical technology.

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