Is school insurance compulsory for children?

At each start of the school year, schools ask parents to provide their children’s school insurance certificate. A decision that the parents execute without any remonstrance and which denotes an almost obligatory character.

Child Liability Insurance: What do you need to know?

Yet school insurance is also a very lucrative business with insurance groups rubbing their hands with each return. Like a Black Friday, the start of the school year in September is a considerable financial windfall for insurance companies. With a few million memberships at the start of the school year, fundraising is impressive.

Playing on the vagueness is therefore the way to be able to secure impressive incomes from the first days of school. Although recommendable, school insurance is not in itself an obligation. So let’s take a little look back at the coercive nature in the school setting.

Having civil liability for your child: a mandatory basis

You all certainly have a multi-risk home or automobile contract with your bank. In the context of housing, clauses normally provide for the entire framework of civil liability for your children. Indeed, it covers all members of the household under an ordinary contract.

So check at the heart of your certificates that the legal framework conducive to children is well stipulated. If you ask your insurance company to provide you with the certificate on the date requested by the school, you can, without asking, receive it at the start of each new school year by email.

The civil liability at the heart of this contract covers your child during all school time. That is to say the course periods as well as the activities organized by the establishment (outing to the gymnasium, swimming pool, etc.).

On the other hand, canteen or CLAE time (leisure center associated with the school) does not fall within the scope of civil liability. It is therefore to cover these activities that insurance with so-called extracurricular options becomes compulsory.

Extra-curricular insurance: essential to insure all activities within the framework of the school

The so-called out-of-school insurance therefore provides all the guarantees favorable to school insurance and its extras. Without this certificate, it is impossible for your child to go on planned outings outside school hours.

We are thinking in this case of cultural outings such as the Museum or other interesting sites that are unique in certain cities such as Futuroscope in Poitiers, the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, visits to monuments in Paris.

Finally, insurance companies specializing in schooling, such as the MAE, provide for the “individual accident guarantee” system. This device goes much further and in this case covers your child if he suffers an accident with bodily injury.

It is therefore an additional guarantee to which school principals are very sensitive and strongly recommend. In fact, with an annual payment fluctuating around 40 euros per child, it is the best guarantee for children, also including extra-curricular insurance. To be at peace, it is therefore better to sign a contract that includes these clauses.

With the growing precariousness in France, parents with several children in school still do not have the means to assume these costs at the start of the school year. Nevertheless, it should be made a priority to sleep more peacefully.

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