Is my computer covered by my home insurance? The 8 p.m. answers you

Can you cancel your home insurance during the contract if you find cheaper elsewhere?

Not the first year: you are then committed and cannot cancel. But then, after the first year, you can cancel at any time, without having to justify yourself. You just need to send your termination letter by registered mail. And this takes effect one month after the receipt of your request by the insurer.

This is also valid for all insurance contracts, cars, motorcycles or household appliances. It is the Hamon law.

Can I collect rainwater to save money?

Outside, you can do what you want with the rainwater you collect, explains this technical sheet from the Ministry of the Interior. For example, watering your garden or cleaning your car.

To use it indoors, it is possible provided that the water does not run off a roof containing asbestos cement or lead. And you can only use it for certain purposes: filling the toilet, washing the floors or washing clothes (provided you use a suitable water treatment device).

Note that if you connect to the collective sanitation network, you have the obligation to declare it to your town hall. You must also attach a “non-potable water” nameplate to all the water points connected. You can find this on the internet or in DIY stores.


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