Insurance, property tax, formalities: drought victims in Flanders want progress

The CatNat Flandres association held its general assembly on Friday evening at the Driehoek in Caestre. Although a law was passed in January, the fight of drought victims is far from over.

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Created in 2019, the association, which has 350 members and defends more than 1,000 victims of ground movements following the drought in the territories of inner Flanders, Hauts de Flandres and Flandre-Lys, is recognized for its organization and its skills in national bodies. She was interviewed by senior officials from the Court of Auditors and the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The bill aimed at reforming the compensation scheme for natural disasters was adopted on 29 December. There is a referent responsible for recognizing the state of natural disaster with the prefect of the department. Its mission will be to be the referent of the municipalities and to support them in their efforts. It includes the creation of a national advisory commission on natural disasters, the provision by the State of communication media to present to the inhabitants the procedure for recognition of the state in natural disaster.

A less complicated procedure

Another advance, the costs of emergency rehousing of disaster victims will be borne by the State. In Flanders, this concerns a single household. The deadline for filing a file by the municipalities is extended to 24 months instead of 18. The deadline for publication of the recognition order has been reduced to two months. Architect and project management costs now included in the compensation are also part of the main measures taken for the victims.

Albert Dehaudt made several requests for improvement and compensation which are to be included in the order
Albert Dehaudt made several requests for improvement and compensation which are to be included in the order – VDN

Albert Dehaudt, president of Cat Nat Flandres challenged Prime Minister Jean Castex and Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition when they came to Hazebrouck on February 4: “
We got an appointment at the ministry and made several requests for improvement and compensation which we hope will be incorporated into the order. First of all, we would like the support
the insured’s expert’s fees
be made by the insurer and that the drought deductible of €1,520 is aligned with that of fire, explosion, lightning, of €150 or that of climatic events, floods of €380. We would also like a request for a reduction in the property tax to be provided for the victims of whom all or part of the dwelling is unusable, such as in a situation of drought or agricultural flooding for loss of crops.

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